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Tapping into your sexual power is just that—powerful.

Feeling turned on is more than a wind up to sex. It’s a way to feel more alive, understand yourself, unlock confidence, and enhance intimacy. Dipsea empowers you to tap into those feelings whenever you damn well please!

Dipsea is a female-founded startup and story studio.

We’re a team of writers, editors, directors, producers, and engineers. Every story and session we release is created from start to finish, and in partnership with an incredible network of paid contributors and voice actors. Our stories are:


We want people to hear themselves in our stories. We ground fantasy in reality and show all kinds of preferences and interests because we believe the most exciting, immersive stories are the ones that you can relate to.


People in our stories are empowered in their sexual, social, and romantic experiences. Sex is communicative and pleasure doesn’t sound performed. These choices seem simple, but they’re radical, and have implications far beyond the bedroom!


We celebrate healthy sexuality because it’s joyful and good for you. Dipsea sex is safe, positive, and full of healthy boundary setting and enthusiastic consent. Shame and judgment don’t get a seat at the table.


Gina & Faye

We were friends before we were co-founders, and wanted something like Dipsea to exist way before we actually decided to do it ourselves. After dozens of late night conversations around Faye’s kitchen table, we decided to make Dipsea a reality. We set out on a mission to empower women to tap into their sexuality more easily, and on their terms.

Before Dipsea, Gina was a brand & design strategist, and Faye was a software engineer & researcher.

Gina was always interested in the psychology of sexuality. She remembers having conversations with friends in college who hadn’t had an orgasm yet. Sure, their 20 year old partners probably still had a lot to learn about giving pleasure. But her intuition was actually to ask, “What are you thinking about in bed?”. Never having experienced erotica that inspired her own overactive imagination, she wanted to take a mind-first approach to sexuality.

Faye was an economic researcher before majorly switching gears to become a software engineer. She was fascinated by romance novels, which have the most voracious readers in the world, but like Gina, wanted something that worked for her.

Dipsea is only as great as its people and partners. Want to work with us? We can’t wait to meet you!