We believe tapping into your inner sexual powers is just that—powerful.

Feeling turned on is more than a wind up to sex. It’s a way to feel more alive, heighten intimacy, unlock confidence, and cultivate your wellbeing. Dipsea empowers you to tap into those feelings whenever you damn well please!

We’re a female-founded tech company and story studio.

We’re proud to create audio stories and experiences that are real, elevated, and feminist.


We want women to hear themselves in our stories, so we include a broad range of preferences, perspectives, interests and beyond. We always ground fantasy in reality because we think the most exciting, intimate, immersive moments are the ones we can 
all relate to.


We portray the relationships and sex women deserve—fun, safe, and full of enthusiastic consent. We create characters they can respect, and worlds they can lose themselves in.


Dipsea portrays women as empowered in their sexual, social, and romantic experiences. Stories prioritize female pleasure, and show sex as communicative, give-and-take, and unperformed. To us, feminism in sexuality means women feeling able to be real in the sheets.


Gina & Faye

We were friends before we were co-founders, and wanted something like Dipsea to exist far before we actually decided to take it on ourselves. After dozens of late night conversations around Faye’s kitchen table, we decided to make Dipsea a reality. In January of 2018, we recorded the first six stories in that same kitchen—did you know how noisy fridges are? Yeah, we didn't either.

Faye graduated from Dartmouth with a B.A. in economics. She spent three years as an Investment Associate at Bridgewater before deciding to majorly switch gears. She moved to SF, learned to code, and became a software engineer at a startup during its seed to series A growth. She's the fast-talking, left-brained one, but also loves to write and paint.

Gina graduated from Duke with a degree in psychology. She's spent most of her career as a brand and design strategist helping early-stage startups and Fortune 500 companies alike define and own their positioning, and create meaningful experiences for their customers. She's empathy-driven, vision-minded, and will probably ask you how you're feeling.

We're always looking for incredible people and partners. We can’t wait to meet you!