Car sex that actually works: Best positions to make it happen

Toni Sicola|2021.10.21

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Car sex can be hot. Like, really hot. It’s the perfect way to heighten the feeling of forbidden excitement and boldness. Maybe you enjoy the slight risk of getting caught or being seen by passersby. Maybe you want to reenact that scene from “Titanic” in which Rose's hand slides down the steam on the back windshield (you know the one).

Whatever it is that makes car sex (aka dogging) exciting to you, there's no escaping the fact that, despite its potential hotness factor, it can get a little uncomfortable for two grown adults to get busy in the back (or front) seat. Certain sex positions are near impossible with the limited space inside the a car, especially if one or both of you is tall or wide. So let's dig into the practicalities and strategies for how to have truly excellent car sex.

5 tips to get into great car sex

If you're in it for more than the thrill and actually want to get off without pulling a muscle or experiencing rug burn, these tips are for you. We have some ideas about where and how to make your car sex fantasy come to life safely and effectively for maximum fun and pleasure.

1. Be prepared

If you know that a car sex sesh is a possibility, anticipate it the same way you would any other sexual encounter. Bring condoms or any other form of protection you need. If you're a sex toy person (which we super recommend!), bring those along (and lube!) and stash them in the glove compartment until you're ready to play.

It might also be nice to have a blanket or sheet to lie on. You know, in case things get messy. If you want a little more privacy, bring sunshades for the windows or use a car with tinted windows. Wash your car or at least clean the interior so your partner feels comfortable in a state of undress—the last thing you want are month-old crumbs from a bag of spilled Doritos crunching under your partner's back.

You may also consider scouting out the spot you have in mind for your car sex scene. If you know what time you're picking up your date, head over to your ideal spot the day or week before around the same time to get an idea of the type of traffic (foot traffic, road traffic, etc.) that runs through that area.

Stick to areas that have no or very few people coming through to avoid any indecent exposure or public sex citations, which would not only kill the mood, but just isn't cool in general. Most people walking back to their cars in a mall parking lot aren't looking to be sexual voyeurs on a Friday night, so be respectful of others and the law.

2. Crack a window

Sex steam is real. (Again, remember Titanic) So crack a window in order to avoid drawing attention to your car. This means keeping it down inside the car too. Make a game of keeping quiet by covering each others’ mouths or biting down on the seatbelt for the big O.

3. Dress for easy access

If you're a skirt or dress lover, consider wearing one or the other for easy access in the car and opt for a thong or loose-fitting undies. If you're feeling extra adventurous, consider ditching the underwear entirely. Going commando in anticipation of a sexy adventure can make the lead up more exciting. If pulling underwear to the side instead of removing them makes sex more exciting to you or your partner (this is a pretty common light fetish), wear a pair you don't mind gettng stretch out or ripped.

If you're a pants wearer, don't go too tight or stiff. Leave leather at home, along with anything that doesn't come off or down quickly. We suggest well-worn jeans or something with a drawstring or elastic waist. If you like leggings, wear really stretchy ones that aren't too tight or hard to get off. Again, if it's hot to you to have sex with your pants still on, make sure you're wearing pants that can facilitate spread legs.

Button-down shirts can be ideal if you're wanting to stay mostly dressed but want chests or breasts exposed. If you wear a bra, consider a front-clasping one. Skip the sports bra if you plan to take it off, as they're notorious for rolling up and getting stuck.

4. Use the back seat

Depending on what kind of car you have, it's probably pretty likely that the backseat has more room than the driver or passenger seat. If you have an SUV and can fold the back seats down for more room to spread out, do it. If you're in a sedan where the seats open into the trunk, and putting your lower half into the trunk doesn't make you feel claustrophobic, then that's another great option. Just lay down a sheet or some of your clothes underneath you to avoid rug burn on your knees or arms.

5. Or try the front seat

Tons of new cars these days have front passenger seats that will lean back to a completely horizontal position. Combine that with sliding the seat as far back as it will go to create more leg room in the footwell, and you'll have yourself a pretty wonderful car sex setup.

6 positions for comfortable car sex

Getting into the mood for an adventurous sexcapade is all well and good, but if you're struggling to get comfortable the whole time, the reality might not meet the fantasy. Here are the most ideal sex positions for making the most of your car sex experience.

1. Missionary position

This classic style might seem mundane, but if you're having sex in your car, you've already upped the excitment level. Missionary works great in the car because you and your partner are sandwiched together, taking up essentially the same space.

2. Cowgirl

In this position, the person with the penis or the strap-on sits in the front seat (most likely the passenger seat) while the other person sits on top and rides them. The person on top will be facing the person on the bottom. It works best if the bottom person has narrower hips so the person on top can fit their legs on either side of the bottom person’s hips with enough room to move around. If the front seats are small, this one might prove difficult.

3. Reverse cowgirl

For the reverse cowgirl, the person on top will face away from the person on the bottom (facing the front windshield) with their legs in the footwell. It's a little easier to pull this position off in the front seat than standard cowgirl because it solves the leg room problem. Some penis owners don't enjoy their penises being bent forward during reverse cowgirl, so communicate with your partner about what works for you.

4. Doggy style

Doggy style is best for the back seat. If you're in a secluded location in which you're absolutely sure you won't be seen by anyone, you can have the door open with the person in the back standing up outside the car. Opting for this second suggestion is sort of half car sex/half outside sex, since one partner is technically standing outside, but we still think it counts.

5. Standing up

For a car-adjacent experience, you could move the doggy style or missionary position to the hood of the car in an uber-isolated spot. For doggy style, one person leans over the hood while the other goes in from the back. For missionary, one person lays their back onto the hood while the other goes in from the front. This position will leave the clit exposed for toys or fingers.

6. Oral sex or other non-penetration

If you're feeling like genital penetration just isn’t going to happen for you in a car, but the idea of getting off on four wheels still gets you excited, remember that all sex counts as sex (including oral, handjobs, fingering, and mutual masturbation). These options might be better if penetrative sex in the car is just too cramped for you.

With any of these options, you can each stay in your seats and pleasure the other person by leaning into their lap or reaching over with a hand or toy.

Disclaimer: You might have seen movies in which someone performs oral sex (usually a car blowjob) on someone while driving. This is not safe, even if your car has smart autopilot or cruise control, as it amounts to dangerous, distracted driving. If you've ever had an orgasm, you know that they can take over your body, cause your muscles to contract and your eyes to shut. None of that is safe if you're operating a moving vehicle, so it's best to keep car sex activities confined to a stationary vehicle.

Locations for car sex

Where you choose to have car sex will depend on how adventurous and confident you're feeling. Sex in public can be fun and exciting, but you still want to make sure you're being safe and respectful of the unsuspecting public. As we said before, don’t involve unconsenting onlookers in your exhibitionism. If you're feeling like you want an audience, seek out willing voyeurs for such an experience—they're out there! If you're looking for a new experience that's safe and legal, here are a few ideas for places to have car sex:

  • On your private property (in your garage, on your driveway, on land that you own or know the owners of)

  • On a dead-end street in a non-residential area (near an office park after hours, an in-progress housing development where no one lives after the workers have gone home)

  • At a rest stop with low to no foot traffic late at night when others will be sleeping

  • On a country road or back road with no street lights

  • In nature, such as a forest, beach, desert, or mountain pass

How adventurous you end up getting will depend on your comfort level and your risk tolerance for potentially getting caught. If you can get busy in a partial state of undress, you might feel a little bit braver than if you’re wanting to do it in the buff.

Get some inspiration

Now that you have the lay of the land as far as the do’s and don'ts of car sex, you might be curious about how exactly something like this might play out. Talk to your partner to find out how you both would like your car sex experience to go down, and get prepared. Give one of the stories above a listen for ideas on how to make the most of your car sex experience.

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