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Liz Levitch|2020.04.16

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Ready to take your next solo sesh to a whole new level? That's what Dipsea is for.

Dipsea is an app for Sexy Stories, Sleep Scenes, and Wellness Sessions designed to turn you on and then tuck you in. You can download Dipsea from the App Store, Google Play Store, or listen online.

At the beginning of March, we unlocked our library of Wellness and How To sessions until April 30th. Which means, you have two weeks left to listen to 33 sessions (and counting!). Looking for meaningful ways to connect with your partner? Ready to deepen your self-care practice? Need a reminder to slow down and destress? Whether you’re looking to try something new, connect with yourself or a partner, or unwind after a long day—we have just the right session for you.


Maybe you’ve been masturbating more than usual and you want to switch things up. Or, maybe there’s something you’ve been curious about trying but you haven’t had the time. Here are our favorite wellness pieces for trying something new:

BDSM Series

In this series, BDSM educator, Yin Q, teaches you how to identify your kinks, establish boundaries, and map out your aftercare practice. Ready to explore different power dynamics? Look out for two new sessions coming out this Sunday— “Dom Role Play” and “Sub Role Play.”

Dirty Talk

Have you ever tried to say something sexy, but you froze instead? Or, if you did manage to say something, you thought it sounded weird? Well, we’ve all been there. Which is why we teamed up with sex educator, Tina Horn, to create a three-part Dirty Talk series. In these sessions, you’ll build your erotic vocabulary, practice talking out loud, and tackle the taboo that’s been holding you back.


Whether you’re self-isolating with your partner or you’ve suddenly found yourself in a long-distance relationship, quarantine is a great time to find new ways to connect! Here are our top picks for partner exploration:

Partner Massage

In this three-part series, an expert massage therapist will walk you through how to give a head, neck, and back massage, a hand massage, and a foot massage. Break out the massage oil, get comfortable, and unwind with your partner after a long day.

12 Questions

Looking for a fun date night idea? Check out our 12 Question series! It’s our spin on the 36 questions that lead to love. Play along with a partner, either IRL or on FaceTime, and discover your deepest desires together with questions like, “What’s something you’re excited to try sexually that you haven’t yet?” and “Do you have a go-to fantasy when you’re masturbating?”


In times of stress, it’s easy to become disconnected from ourselves. Self-care and pleasure tend to be low on our list of priorities. But now, more than ever, we need to find ways to fill our cups. So set aside some time to take care of the most important person in your life—you.

Self Touch: Edging

Has your self touch ritual turned into a routine? Mix it up with an edging exercise! In this session, you’ll use your vibrator to control the rhythm and pace of your orgasm instead of rushing through. Stay tuned for Edging 2.0, coming out next Sunday, 4/26!

Self Love Languages

Sometimes self-care can feel like a buzzword. And if you’re stressed or struggling to connect with yourself, a face mask might not be enough. In "Self Love Languages," you'll learn how to use the love languages framework to identify and practice deeper ways to care for yourself.


Are you spending an unprecedented amount of time on Instagram? Have you given up on a sleep schedule? Does each day seem to blend into the next? We’re right there with you! Here are a few sessions that will help you press pause and recenter:


In this three-part series, psychologist and breathwork expert, Eva Kazcor, will help you harness your breath for transformation. In the first session, you’ll learn how to shift your mood for greater relaxation, paving the way for a deeper connection to your erotic self. In session two, things heat up as you explore orgasmic breathing techniques. And in the final session, Eva creates a space for you and a partner to reconnect, relax, and get turned on.

Erotic Meditation

Looking for an escape? We’ve got just the thing—erotic meditations. In “Erotic Meditation: Sail,” board your own private vessel in the Mediterranean, relax on the deck, and feel the power you hold over a young fisherman who’s watching you from afar. But don’t stop there... In “Erotic Meditation: Float,” sink your toes into the cool sand of a secluded beach. When you’re sunning yourself, open your eyes to see a man emerge from the water and lay down on the towel next to you.

Listen, light yourself up.

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