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Ready to take your next solo sesh to a whole new level? That's what Dipsea is for.

Dipsea is an app for Sexy Stories, Sleep Scenes, and Wellness Sessions designed to turn you on and then tuck you in. You can download Dipsea from the App Store, Google Play Store, or online.

This 2020 for Pride Weekend, we're unlocking all our queer stories and making them free for the community from June 26 - June 30. Enjoy!

When almost half of Dipsea employees are members of the LGBTQ community, and over 30% of the content available in our app is queer, it can be hard to pick our favorite stories! However, this Pride season, that’s exactly what we asked our team to do. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

Stories about queer pleasure are so, so important. But unfortunately, they're still rare in the media landscape, leaving queer folks with less representation for what healthy and pleasurable sex, real communication, and loving relationships look and sound like. We’re proud to tell these stories at Dipsea, and to reflect back the power that exists in queer sensuality.

Whether they’re hot and heavy one-night-stands, or stories that follow characters as they connect over several episodes, there’s a lot of amazing queer content where sparks fly in the Dipseaverse. We’ve picked some of our favorites, and you can find all our queer content here!


"It’s pretty impossible to choose an absolute favorite queer story, but Tailormade is definitely at the top of my list. The acting is golden and the characters exude a sweet and natural intimacy with each other. In the story, we get an inner glimpse into the thoughts of Kai, who is crushing on their irresistibly charming tailor, El. Kai feels seen and safe when El notices subtle details about their body as they design the perfect suit for them. The progression to their hook up is slow and subtle. I love the moments where we lean into Kai’s breath as El slowly comes closer to do their measurements. I can practically hear my own heartbeat as I wait for what happens next! Also, insider secret: this story features one of Dipsea’s very first puns (you can hear it at the 3:07 mark!), which could have come across as cheesy if the actor wasn’t such a dream machine." Listen here.

— Angela, Senior Audio Producer


"Memory Lane is a story about a woman’s first encounter with a childhood crush, who she hasn’t seen for years. This story celebrates coming out without ever mentioning coming out—only the juicy reward of a steamy reunion with the hottest girl back home. And to top it all off, there’s a moment in the sound design when the main character sees her crush from across the room and the rest of the room fades away—that is absolute ecstasy!" Listen here.

— Emily, Staff Writer


"I love this story about Jess going to get a tattoo from Ciara. There’s something about Ciara that I just can’t get out of my head! Maybe it’s the image I have of her—shaved head, covered in tattoos—maybe it’s her voice, or maybe it’s how even though Jess’s friend warns her that Ciara is bad news, Jess just can’t resist…" Listen here.

— Selene, Audio Producer


Commando celebrates the gay club scene and sex-positivity with consensual, sexy, steamy play. In our Covid-19 reality, I can escape into a pre-2020 dancing fantasy for Pride. Gay dance clubs are celebrations of sexual identity and exploration plus stress release all packed into four hours of pumping music. We could use a little of that right now! Listen here.

— Dan, Staff Engineer


"This series follows Liz and Sevyn, a couple moving into their first apartment together. They have such a natural chemistry between them—I love watching their relationship evolve. In each episode, they try something new together, and it’s always with an openness and curiosity which I think is very special. In this episode, they experiment with a little power play—making a relatable scenario at home into a kinky adventure." Listen here.

— Olivia, Content Editor


"I love this piece because Ari from our Les Rebound series speaks directly to you while your bodies are intertwined under the sheets. She knows exactly what she wants, and isn’t afraid to tell you. The intimacy in this piece makes you feel like you’re in a sweet summer tryst with a touch of escapism. It’s giving you sweet pillow talk between strained, turned on whispers. It’s giving you fanfic meets dirty talk meets a total babe worshiping your body, just the way it is. It’s giving you 'I can love you better than she can' and 'tell ’em you're my girl' Syd the Kid vibes. Ari is ready to risk it all for you and moan directly into your soul." Listen here.

—Kristina, Storytelling Lead


"A slightly biased choice because I'm a Pisces, but Pisces Season is my favorite story! It's about a woman named Evelyn, who flew to visit her boyfriend in California. When she arrived, he breaks up with her. Lost in thoughts, powered by emotion, she goes on a run down the beach. Brit, a surf instructor, appears looking for her no-show surf student. Instead, she offers Evelyn to paddle out with her. The sound of crashing waves, seagulls in the air, Brit cheering on in the background, makes you feel like you just caught your first wave. Everything feels unreal, new, and exciting. The personality vibes and first experience with a woman is fun and very, very sexy." Listen here.

— Vicky, Software Engineer


"It’s such a relatable thing, telling a new partner about the people you’ve slept with in the past. You answer questions from your new boo, and talk about your experience in more detail than you normally would with just a friend. And if it’s a good recounting, both of you are probably left feeling a little flushed and turned on.

The conceit of Firsts I is exactly this—we, the listeners, are listening in on Sean telling his new girlfriend, Heather, about his first time having sex with a man. But instead of just getting details about the hookup (as we would with a new partner on planet Earth), in the Dipseaverse we are sonically transported into the room, and get to listen to the hookup happen in real time. The sound design in this story is so simple, but so effective. The rain that is present throughout the story, from scene to scene creates an intimacy between the listener and the characters. It’s one of my all time faves, and I’m sure it will be one of yours, too!" Listen here.

— Kara, Associate Audio Producer


"Hooked is the story of Eve, a woman who owns a boxing gym, and her intense hook up with one of her students. Eve is one of the original Dipsea hunks—a mythological hottie, who in real life, would be totally unattainable. But in the Dipseaverse, she only has eyes for you." Listen here.

— Emily, Staff Writer


"From the Top is about two dancers on a K-Pop team. This story gives off major early 2000’s dance competition movie energy, think Step Up, Save the Last Dance, and Bring it On… but with the queerness center stage. I also love that it’s a celebration of pleasure in all forms—the pleasure of finding a new friend you connect with, of being in your body, of pushing yourself to try something new." Listen here.

— Olivia, Content Editor

Listen, light yourself up.

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