Hedonism is healthy, seriously


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If you’ve heard of “hedonism,” chances are endless partying and champagne brunches are coming to mind. But, at its core, hedonism is actually just about recognizing and luxuriating in your own pleasure and joy. It’s just as much about getting cozy with chicken pot pie on Tuesday nights as it is about being covered in glitter on the dance floor on Saturdays. Even more importantly, it’s the antithesis of the grind culture we operate under that tells us if we’re not working we aren’t worthy. Here, we’ll break it down for you.

Let’s start out with the definition. Hedonism, as a practice, is the pursuit of pleasure and sensual self-indulgence. That’s it, that’s all there is to it. Hedonism is about orienting your life with the intention of doing more of the things that make you feel good. Not just on the surface (although surface-level pleasures certainly have their time and place), but deeply, in a meaningful way.

We’ve all spent the last two years listening to people tell us what we should be doing to make ourselves feel good. Going on walks in the morning. Eating less of this, drinking more of that. Writing morning pages. Pointing our naked butts toward the sun? It was… a lot. But you know who already knows what makes you feel good? You do.

So maybe that means skipping your morning walk and staying in bed a little longer, or not, if that’s your thing. Maybe it’s swapping an apple for your favorite pastry every once in a while. Skip the gym and dance until you sweat, or break a sweat under the sheets all by yourself. You didn’t earn it, and the good news is, you don’t have to. Pleasure is yours to give yourself freely whenever you want. Live a little! Or better yet, live a lot.


And, wouldn’t you know it? Doing more of what feels good is actually good for you. Wild, we know. A little bit of new research in 2020 concluded that savoring, pursuing, and enjoying pleasurable activities leads to a happy life. As it turns out, hedonism is healthy.

Back in early January, over on Instagram, Reese Witherspoon shared a list of habits she was working toward. New Year’s Resolutions, if you will. Here’s what they were:

  1. Start the day with a big glass of water.

  2. Get 10 mins of outdoor light.

  3. Spend 30 - 60 mins reading without distraction everyday.

  4. In bed by 10pm. no late-night TV binges. Try to get 8 hours of rest!

All of those things sound wonderful. We love Reese, and outdoor light. But, we also love occasional late nights, and TV binges. Thankfully, Ina Garten snuck into the comments section.


"That sounds great but I’m probably not doing any of those things! LOL!!" Garten commented. "My formula is easier to follow: 1. Drink more large cosmos 2. Stay up late watching addictive streaming series, 3. Stay in bed in the morning playing Sudoku instead of reading a good book. 4. Spend more time (safely) with people you love. In a pandemic, I do what I can!"

Maybe your version of hedonism looks like Reese’s, and maybe it looks like Ina’s. Or maybe it looks like something entirely different. The only important thing is that you start noticing what it looks like, so that you can start doing more of it.

We created Dipsea because we wanted there to be more. More space for pleasure. More options for women when it comes to accessing their pleasure. More conversation about sex and intimacy. And more opportunities for women to get comfortable doing whatever it is they damn well want. We created it to be a little hedonism sanctuary, and we’re so glad you’re here with us.

Hedonism is healthy. Pleasure is powerful. And when you embrace both, you’re unstoppable.

xx, Dipsea

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