Yes, the male g-spot exists: How to find and enjoy it

Molly Frances|2021.11.02

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If you're interested in intense, full-body orgasms, finding the male g-spot should have a spot on your sexual bucket list. We spend a lot of time talking about the sexual pleasure of vulva owners and the female g-spot, and with good reason! Society ignored the sexual needs of people with vulvas for far too long. But, if you're a penis owner, or you just like to roll around with one in bed, you're probably interested in their pleasure spots as well.

People who enjoy male g-spot orgasms say they are an intensified experience that surpasses the feeling of a penile orgasm. Maybe your partner mentioned wanting to try it, or you're a penis owner curious about experiencing one for yourself. If you're wondering about the ins and outs of accessing this erogenous zone, read on for a comprehensive lesson in butt stuff and the resulting pleasure.

What is the male g-spot?

The male g-spot or p-spot is a sex organ called the prostate gland. It's about the size of a walnut and located just under the bladder of penis-having people. The prostate wraps around the urethra and swells during sexual activity.

The prostate plays a critical role in sexual health since it secretes a fluid during ejaculation to protect sperm and help it reach its destination. It also pumps semen out through the urethra.

Stimulating the prostate during sexual activity can provide penis owners with a powerful orgasm that starts with genital contractions and flows from their head to their curled-up toes. Think of penile orgasms as eating a packaged cupcake compared to male g-spot orgasms as a treat fresh from your favorite bakery. Still good, just not as good.

How do I find the prostate?

The male g-spot is easiest to find with anal penetration. During masturbation or partnered sex, use lube and slide your finger in the rectum up to about the first knuckle. Press forward toward the scrotum gently until you feel a raised area that feels similar to the tip of your nose.

The p-spot responds well to gentle stimulation. You can try using a "come here" motion with your finger (similar to what you'd do to stimulate the female g-spot).

Is anal penetration the only way to access the p-spot?

Generally speaking, anal penetration is the most direct route to p-spot stimulation and prostate orgasms. However, if you or your partner aren't comfortable with back-door play but want to experience some pleasure from the male g-spot, you can still experiment.

Some penis owners enjoy having a partner press against their perineum (or taint), the thin bit of skin between the scrotum and the anus. Pressing on this area puts gentle pressure on the prostate, which may intensify a penile orgasm.

You may also experience a similar sensation from gently stroking the outside of your anus. The nerve endings there are sensitive, and playing in that area may put a bit of pressure against the male g-spot. You aren't likely to have an intense orgasm just from these lighter approaches, but they're a great way to spice up your sex life as you adjust to butt stuff.

Are straight men into prostate play?

The trend toward a more sex-positive culture has resulted in the destigmatization of anal play for men. The bottom line is that lots of people of all genders and sexual orientations enjoy butt stuff. If you want to explore the male g-spot, that's between you and your partners.

What equipment do I need for prostate play?

Sure, humans are born with everything we need to enjoy sex, but that doesn't mean a few toys here and there won’t make things more fun. If you're exploring the male g-spot, remember the anus does not self-lubricate. Use lube. Lots of lube (yes, more than you think). Silicone lasts longer but may not work with some toys or condoms, so double check your labels and have water-based on hand just in case.

You may also want to try a vibrator or butt plug specially designed for prostate stimulation. Look for ones with a curved head that can press directly on the male g-spot for the most intense sensation. You can wear butt plugs during penetrative sex to experience more powerful orgasms.

If you're concerned about your sheets, you may want to purchase a waterproof blanket specifically for your sexcapades. It can also help keep things dry in the case of female ejaculation or really effective oral sex.

It’s important to keep cleanliness in mind during anal stimulation. Enemas aren’t necessary, but a bath or shower can help you feel ready to get intimate as well as help relax the muscles so penetration is more comfortable. You’ll also need to wash any toys according to package directions, using either soap and water or a toy cleaner.

What positions work best for exploring the male g-spot?

Let's get into how male g-spot stimulation works during masturbation or with a partner. These sex positions give easy access to your back door.

No matter which position you choose, start with gentle massaging around the anus to relax the muscles. When you start inserting a toy or finger, go slow (this is important). Going slow allows your muscles to relax so you don't experience discomfort.

Lying on your back

Lying on your back may make it difficult to access the male g-spot on your own using your fingers (the angle is a wrist cramp waiting to happen). But propping yourself up on a few pillows may help. You may also try this position with a vibrator or butt plug. Lying on your back gives a partner access to your penis as well as your p-spot. Male g-spot stimulation can also intensify the experience of oral sex.

On all fours

If you're interested in releasing control to your partner, getting on all fours can give them access to the male g-spot and a sexy rush of power. Leaning over the side of the bed or supporting yourself with pillows may help you relax even more.

On your side

Lying on your side with your knees bent is a compromise between lying on your back and bending over. You'll still be able to see your partner, and they'll be able to watch your face to see how you respond to what they're doing. They can reach around to stimulate your penis as well.

Lying on your side works particularly well for masturbation because you have easy access to both your anus and your penis.

Don't forget about consent

The most important thing to remember for male g-spot stimulation (or any sexual activity) is to get enthusiastic informed consent from all people involved. Discuss anal play ahead of time and set up boundaries for each experience. Just because your partner was into butt plugs last time doesn't necessarily mean they want that tonight.

Set the mood

Relaxation is key to enjoying any sexual experience, but it's imperative when you're trying something new. Once you've decided male g-spot stimulation is on the menu tonight and set expectations with your partner(s), take a little time to light candles, play some music, or listen to erotic audio. In Firsts, a man describes his first experience with male g-spot stimulation, and if F Train II a couple experiments with pegging for the first time. They may be just the inspiration you're searching for!

Listen, light yourself up.

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