7 creative oral sex positions to maximize pleasure

Toni Sicola|2021.10.07

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One of the best things about sex is that it can be exactly what you and your partner want it to be. You’re free to make all the rules—the dos, the don'ts, and the maybes. Penetrative sex isn't the only kind of sex there is, which is actually pretty great if you want to be intimate with your partner but don't have the energy or time at the end of the day for a long sex sesh.

It all counts. And that includes oral sex, anal sex, anilingus (sucking/licking the anus/rimming), and even mutual masturbation. The point of sex is to feel good in your body and feel close to your partner, and one of the best ways to do that is to mix up your oral sex game. That means shaking up your usual routine by trying out new and different oral sex positions. You never know, you might find that one of the positions we share here could be a favorite you never knew you had.

Best oral sex positions 101

Oral sex is more than just foreplay to the main course. It can be the end game in and of itself. For many vulva owners, cunnilingus is actually the preferred way (or the easiest way) to have an orgasm. That's because the outer vulva—the labia and clitoris—are super sensitive with tons of nerve endings and are a lot easier to find than the elusive g-spot inside the vagina.

It's fun to get creative with sex positions to spice up your sex life all around, but if you're looking to shake things up in the oral sex department, we've got you covered here. There are tons of options to choose from, no matter what you're working with below the belt. You can also consider bringing in sex toys like vibrators, dildos, sex pillows, butt plugs, or anything you think will help you or your partner have an orgasm. The sky's the limit. Here are some of our favorites.

1. At your service

Also called sit and kneel or kneeling at the edge, in this position, the giver is on their knees in front of the recipient. The recipient can either sit up or lie back with their butt on the edge of the bed, chair, or couch to give the giver easy access to the goods (when lying back, it might also be fun or more pleasurable to put your feet up on the giver's shoulders). Then the giver can go to town.

This is a great position for both blow jobs (fellatio) and cunnilingus. It's an especially great position for cunnilingus if you plan to use your fingers or a toy to enhance the experience for your partner because the giver has better access with more room to move around instead of being limited by the bed bumping under their arms.

2. Doggy-style

Imagine you're in the doggy-style position for penetrative sex (whether vaginal or anal), and then instead of having a penis or sex toy go inside, drop your head down and come at your partner's genitals with your mouth from behind. A modified version of this can involve the receiving partner lying down on their stomach instead of being in the "doggy" position (on hands and knees) with a pillow under their belly to raise up their backside and make their genitals, perineum, testicles, or anus a little easier to access (and make it a little more comfortable on the giver's neck). This one works great for cunnilingus or anilingus, but not quite for fellatio.

3. Queening

AKA all hail the queen, AKA face-sitting, this position is especially fun for vulva owners, although it also works for rimming and fellatio.

For a delicious queening, the giver usually leans back against a headboard or the back of the couch while the receiving partner stands over them facing the wall the headboard is leaning against, straddles their face, and then squats down into it. You can also do this with the giving partner lying flat on their back and the receiver kneeling over their face.

This position is wonderful because it gives the recipient a more active role in their pleasure. They can move forward and back to put the giver's tongue and lips exactly where they want them, they can stand up if it gets too intense, and they can hold onto their partner's head for stability and to give nonverbal feedback to them about their pleasure. Of course, verbal feedback is also excellent and highly encouraged!

4. Giraffe

This one is also called upside-down head, which is sort of weird, but go with it. It's actually more descriptive than "giraffe." Imagine the queening we just described, but switch up the direction of the receiver. This position works best when the giving partner lies on their back with their head somewhat hanging off the edge of the bed. The receiver will then step forward, bringing their genitals to their partner's face.

A lot of people like this position for giving a deep-throat blow job because the position elongates the giver's neck and throat. If the giver has breasts, it's an added bonus for the receiver to both see and touch while receiving mind-blowing oral pleasure.

5. The Kivin method

The Kivin method has multiple names too: Tahitian cunnilingus, sideways cunnilingus, sideways oral sex, and the T shape. The good news is that this method of oral sex isn't just reserved for vulva owners. It's a great position for a blow job too—it makes giving oral easier on your neck no matter what you're doing.

The recipient lays on their side with one leg flat and one leg bent, foot flat on the bed or floor, creating an open space for easy access. The giver lays perpendicular to the receiver, head threaded under the bent leg facing their partner to do the dirty.

This position allows for better access to all the erogenous zones below the belt, offering a different angle for pleasure, and therefore different sensations than the classic position in which the giver's body is in line with the recipient's body.

6. The classic position

This is the oral sex version of missionary. It's a tried and true way to pleasure your partner that you can always fall back on. The recipient lays flat on their back while the giver lays in line with them, face in crotch.

One way to make this position easier on your neck if you're giving cunnilingus is to use either a sex pillow or a regular pillow to prop up the bum of the reciever. Doing that will minimize that neck bend and also give you easier access to the perineum and anus.

7. Standing up

Imagine the classic position we just described, but the receiver is standing up and the giver is on their knees in front of them. In this position, a penis owner can easily pump along with the person giving them head (also called face fucking, which you can take if it's hot to you and leave if it's not).

This position can offer a feeling of power and assertiveness much like queening. In fact, standing up is a great starting point to eventually end up in the queening position, as clitoral stimulation and eventual climax can sometimes make a vulva owner weak in the knees, making it a little harder to come standing up.

It's time to try these out

Now that you've learned a few things about how to maneuver for creative oral sex, it's time to give one or some of these suggestions a whirl. Grab your partner and take a listen to some teaser stories to get you going like the threesome story or guide to partnered plesaure above!

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