5 benefits of sexual fantasy stories for solo & partnered sex

Molly Frances|2021.12.20

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You're laying back against your pillows, sheets freshly washed and silky against your skin. You took the time to light candles and turned on some music that turns you on. You're solo tonight, and your favorite sex toy is doing its thing, but you just can't stay focused on pleasure. Your mind drifts to your report for work or the list of things you want to accomplish this weekend.

Sexual fantasy stories may be the key to keeping your brain focused on sexual arousal. If you have strategies to get your brain in sexy mode, you can enjoy your sexuality whenever you want, instead of when the mood strikes.

Sexual fantasies are a common part of being a human. In a 2016 study, Dr. Nan Wise discovered that people's brains light up when they think about genital stimulation (which explains why some people can orgasm without physical touch of any kind).

At Dipsea, sexual fantasy stories are our thing. We're here to help you explore your sexual world using meditation, erotica, and erotic audio. Here are some details about why sexual fantasy stories are so compelling and some ways you can use them to keep your sex life steamy while solo or partnered.

Why do we fantasize about sexual experiences?

First of all, sexual fantasies are a normal part of being human. Sex is a basic biological need, and our brains are wired for storytelling, so, naturally, we're going to tell sex stories. Beyond that, sexual fantasies are just plain fun for your brain (and your body).

Sexual fantasy stories allow you to escape reality and explore your desires without worrying about what your partner (or anyone else) thinks. Most people fantasize during sex with their partners (yes, even when their partner rocks their world).

Sexual fantasy is instrumental during masturbation because you can remove yourself from your bedroom and ignore society’s rules. During high-stress times, fantasizing can help you relax and enjoy masturbation more frequently (and those extra solo orgasms are good for you). Fantasizing doesn't mean you're weird or broken, it just means you’re a person who’s alive.

5 benefits of sexual fantasy stories

Fantasizing can (and often does) take place in our brain without any external assistance since our minds are wired for storytelling. But because life is full of so many distractions, sexual fantasy stories can help you stay focused during sex. There are many benefits to using audio erotica to enhance your sex life.

1. Erotica keeps your brain focused on arousal

Sexual desire relies on accelerators like a sexy voice, an erotic touch, and tantalizing thoughts. However, our lives are often so full of things that put the brakes on that desire cycle. Stress, anxiety, your to-list, and the budget spreadsheet due to the board on Monday can all wreak havoc on your ability to switch from desire to arousal.

Sexual fantasy stories use your biggest sex organ (your brain) to help you focus on the accelerators and ignore all those breaks during masturbation or partnered sex.

Fantasy is effective at keeping us primed for arousal because our thoughts are private and not limited by our real-world situations. You can fantasize about your celebrity crush, the barista at the coffee shop on the corner, or getting tied up for the first time by your new neighbor.

2. Sexual fantasy stories provide an outlet for your desires

Imagine you're in a committed, monogamous relationship but have this insatiable urge to ask your new officemate to go into a supply closet with you. In that case, fantasy is your friend. You can fantasize about that supply closet while you're showering, masturbating, or even having sex with your partner (we promise, it's okay).

You may be concerned that fantasizing about someone else while being intimate with your partner is a bit too close to cheating. Plot twist, it’s normal and can serve to increase your arousal. Whether you tell your partner about your fantasies or not is up to you—but thinking something doesn’t always mean you want to act on it.

Some people have sexual fantasies that involve things they don't want to actually try in real life. Exhibitionism (being watched), group sex such as threesomes, and BDSM are common fantasies that people may never actually try. Of course, you can always decide to make your fantasy a reality, but until then, sexual fantasy stories can help you explore.

3. They expose you and your partner to kinks and fetishes

Long-term relationships require a commitment to investing in your sexual connection. You and your partner probably have some overlap in sexual fantasies and listening to sexual fantasy stories can serve as a catalyst for conversations about the kinky things you want to try. For example, if you fantasize about blindfolds and spanking, having your partner listen to a story incorporating those elements can help you work up the nerve to ask if they're interested in trying it out.

4. They give you ideas for role play

If you and your partner are into role play but run out of ideas to keep things lively, sexual fantasy stories can give you some new material to work with. Many erotic stories feature couples engaging in role play, but you can also use a story as a way to bring up the idea of acting out a fantasy or two.

5. They provide an element of voyeurism

Listening to sexual fantasy stories is amazing if your sex fantasy involves watching others get freaky. Listening to sexual fantasy stories may help you check the voyeurism box. Look for erotic stories with two characters instead of stories that narrate something happening to you. You'll get audio assistance as you imagine a scene where you're watching two people caress, explore, and devour each other.

When to use sex stories

Sexual fantasy can enhance every type of sex and works at every stage of your sexual encounters. Sexual fantasy stories can keep you focused during masturbation. Many people find it easier to orgasm when flying solo if their mind is focused on an audio story.

Don't limit your use of sexual fantasy stories to your solo sessions. You can also use erotica to get your brain primed for arousal before sex. For example, if your partner is due to visit this evening and you want to have sex, but your brain is still whirling from your hectic workday, a bath and some audio erotica can help you flip the arousal switch so you're ready when your partner knocks on the door.

Many people also fantasize during partnered sex. There is nothing wrong with fantasizing about a kinky scene involving bondage or paddling while performing oral sex on your partner or using a strap-on.

Sure, you could keep this all in your head, but sex is about sharing. What better way to share your sexual self than to let your partner know what you think about that helps you cross the finish line? You can tell your partner about your fantasies, or push play on some erotic audio during your next session.

Whether you're flying solo or rolling around with a partner, Dipsea is your place for sexual fantasy stories for every situation you can imagine, no matter how kinky (or not! It's up to you). Our platform is designed to enhance your connection with your sexual side through erotic audio, written erotic stories, and guided wellness sessions. If sexual fantasy stories intrigue you, listen as Jada and Mateo use role play to enhance their sexual experience. Or, indulge your voyeuristic side as Alex lets Isa take control for a bit in the stories above.

Listen, light yourself up.

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