Your summer anthem: it's a mood

Olivia Taylor|2019.05.29

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Ignore the charts, your pop song of the summer is all about your mood. And like your horoscope or an email from your mom, your summer jam usually ends up being a little... prophetic. It sets the tone for the whole season, and for years to come will remind you of whatever sweaty fun you got up to in the summer of 2019.

We’ve rounded up the sexiest pop songs of the summer for whatever your mood is like come June!

Mood: You’re catching feelings for your summer fling...

Summer song: Too Much - Carly Rae Jepson

Cult pop favorite Carly Rae Jepsen returns to the charts this year with her album Dedication. Our favorite track? “Too Much,” an ode to excess you can't help but wanna dance along to. When she sings, “Now I'm dancing, and I'm dancing too much / So be careful if you're wanting this touch / 'Cause if I love you, then I love you too much” it’s hard not to relate. More is just better sometimes, you know?

Mood: You DGAF, summer vibes are making you feel bold & reckless...

Summer song: Just Us - DJ Khaled (feat. SZA)

Off DJ Khaled’s recent album Father of Ashad, this bop samples Outcast’s “Ms. Jackson.” Yeah, you read that right. It’s incredible. Halfway through the song Khaled shouts (about SZA), “This is how an angel sounds,” and we agree. If you’ve been anxiously awaiting new music from SZA because your sexy-time playlist is starting to feel dried up, this one’s here to hold you over until her next full album.

Mood: You’re ready for some much deserved Me Time...

Summer song: Tinted Blue - Fuscia

This dreamy single comes via pop newcomer, Fuscia. She sings shimmery harmonies about reconnecting with yourself after a bad relationship, like “Been so long since I seen me, my visions all distorted / Don’t recognize myself, reflecting someone else, I don’t know”. The vibe is self-discovery and the sonic feel is Frank Ocean chilling at a pool party. So naturally, we’re here for it.

Mood: It’s too damn hot and it’s making you all,well, hot...

Summer Song: Lingerie - Lizzo

Take off your clothes and slip into something a little bit cooler. Lizzo, the reigning queen of well… everything, cools it down with this slow burner. When she sings, “So I lounge around in my lingerie / I wanna be prepared for you just in case,” you can pretend you’re waiting for your summer lover, instead of overheating in your underwear without AC.

Mood: You think you’re ready to ditch your dude...

Summer song: Holiday - Dana Williams

Dana makes a case for going solo this summer in the syrupy-smooth “Holiday”. Her soft voice weaves above a churning beat, singing “That’s when I have my space / when you’re away,” and we hear her message loud and clear. Send it to your summer lover to not-so-subtly say “I need some space”...or just fantasize about that and space out to it with headphones in.

Mood: Spending the whole summer with your partner in crime...

Summer song: Monopoly - Ariana Grande & Victoria Monet

This bouncy single about success was co-written by real life best friends and long-time collaborators, Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet. Their chemistry comes through with adorable lyrics like, “I'm so thankful working with my best friend, she the cheat code.” Turn it on when you’re getting ready for that pool party with your best friend slash wing woman.

Happy listening, babes!

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