Referral Program Terms of Service

Last Updated: 07.06.2021

Dipsea’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Who can I refer? You can share your unique Referrals link with anyone who does not have an existing Dipsea account.

How does the Referrals program work? If your Referrals create a new Dipsea account from your unique Referrals link, they will be eligible to redeem their one-time 30-day free trial on an annual subscription.

To unlock their one-time 30-day free trial, they will need to click on the unique Referrals link you sent them, create a Dipsea account and enter their credit card information.

The one-time 30-day free trial only applies to our annual subscription of $69.99 USD, but they will not be charged the annual subscription fee of $69.99 USD until the end of the 30-day trial. They can cancel anytime before the end of the free trial to avoid being charged.

How many Referrals can I share? There is no limit to the number of new users that you can refer, so go ahead and share the gift of feeling good!

Where can I find my unique Referrals link? You can always access your unique Referrals link from Your Stories > Settings on the Dipsea iOS and Android apps or from your Account page on the Dipsea web app (