Hi! I’m Gina, Dipsea’s co-founder and CEO. Dipsea has been around for about a year now, and what a wildly incredible year it’s been!

Nothing makes us happier than hearing from our listeners about the impact Dipsea has had on their ability to tap into their sexuality, their self-understanding, their relationships, and their sex lives. It inspires our team every single day.

But before listening becomes a normal part of people’s lives, it makes sense that there are a lot of questions. Some of you are curious. Others are skeptical. A lot of you just want to know more before trying it yourselves. And hey, that makes sense. For almost everyone, this is an entirely new experience.

So if you’re one of those question-havers, you’re in the right place! I’ll answer some FAQs and explain why we do what we do.

xo Gina

What is Dipsea?

Dipsea is the first audio platform for sexual wellness. We’re working to put healthy sexuality into the same sentence as exercise and meditation when we talk about living a whole, happy life. Our mission? Empowering you to tap into your sexuality on your own terms.

Our app for short, sexy audio stories and intimate wellness sessions is currently live in the App Store.

Who’s behind the app?

We’re a female-founded company based in San Francisco, California.

We’re partly a tech company and partly a story studio. That means that part of our team focuses on building the app, and another part of our team creates original audio content. Our short, sexy audio stories aren’t available anywhere else because we craft them all ourselves: we work with writers, we edit scripts, we cast and record voice actors, and we produce stories into immersive sound experiences.

Our team is a diverse mix of wonderful people with all sorts of professional backgrounds. Most of us identify as women, many of us identify as non-white, some of us are straight and others are queer, and all of us are deeply passionate about what we do.

How do you work with writers and voice actors?

We love to partner with writers and contributors with unique stories to tell, who can base their storytelling on real experiences and personal fantasies.

We also work with incredibly talented voice actors who can represent the diversity of the world around us. These voice actors record individually in studios all over the country.

We believe the best way to live a commitment to diversity and inclusion is to give paid opportunities to people doing excellent work. We love our creative partners, and are always looking to expand our network.

Why does Dipsea matter?

1. Female sexuality is as much about the brain as it is the body.

Because that idea isn’t popularly understood, there are a lot of women left wondering why it can be so damn hard to get in the mood, or why they can get after it with their vibrator and still not climax after a stressful day. We’re here to say there’s nothing wrong with you, but rather what you’re paying attention to. The brain is what deserves more attention: erotic inspiration, mood making, and context setting.

2. Women deserve better erotic inspiration.

Not every woman, of course, is struggling to tap into their sexuality. Others are just looking for better, sexier inspo that works for them! There’s a long legacy of erotica behind us...but porn wasn’t designed with women in mind (a lot of people just aren’t turned on by it, others question the ethicality, representation, and authenticity of what they’re watching). And literature hasn’t seen real innovation (written erotica is scattered around the internet on websites that look straight out of 1999, and a lot of romance novels can feel like time travel too).

3. Sexual wellness is an important part of overall wellness.

Just like exercise, or meditation, tapping into your sexuality reconnects mind and body, floods you with good chemicals, and makes you feel more confident, empowered, and alive. Dipsea isn’t just about getting aroused, it’s about tapping into your inner sexual powers more accessibly.

What are the stories like? What about the intimate guided sessions?

Dipsea stories are short (5-20 minutes) to fit into your busy life. Our stories are highly produced soundscapes designed to immerse you, and are acted by multiple voice actors — sort of like a short film with no images. As content creators, we pay attention to all of the important details: believable chemistry, enthusiastic consent, proactive communication, and natural-sounding pleasure!

Our intimate guided sessions are designed to support listeners in their sexual and romantic lives. They include meditations, erotic breathwork exercises, dirty talk how-to’s, self love guides, and more.

Why is Dipsea focused on audio?

Audio is immersive, intimate, and imaginative. As a listener you can either become the participant or the voyeur, and can use your imagination to fill in the blanks exactly how you want to.

Why is Dipsea an app and not a podcast?

Creating an app allows us to create the best possible experience for our listeners. It lets us recommend stories you’re more likely to love, learn how to create better content quickly, and offer a beautifully designed place to listen.

Last but not least, it means we can offer a completely uninterrupted, ad-free listening experience!

Is Dipsea just for women?

Most erotic content is designed for and by men. Dipsea, on the other hand, was created with women’s needs and desires in mind. But Dipsea tells all kinds of stories from a diversity of perspectives (her + her, her + him, her + them, him + him) — stories that can be enjoyed by all sorts of people. Dipsea is great for anyone looking to spark their imagination and enter an erotic space.

Can partners listen together?

Absolutely. We hear it all the time: making intentional time and space for intimacy is important! Dipsea can help partners get into the language of sex and intimacy in a way that makes foreplay, well, more like happy hour. Because it’s audio, Dipsea is hands-free, which means you can look at and focus on each other in a way you can’t while watching visual content.

We also hear from a lot of people listening solo that Dipsea has helped them in their relationships. Listening is a great way to explore what you’re interested in, learn tips and tricks, and spark new conversations.

How sexy is it, really?

Dipsea stories range from flirtatious and sensual to highly explicit. We do our best to label everything as clearly as possible (1 flame = chill, 2 flames = heating up, 3 flames = very hot), so you know what you’re getting into before you listen.

Learn more about Dipsea Unlimited here.