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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dipsea?

Dipsea is the app for spicy audiobooks and more, featuring your favorite tropes and irresistible characters. Crafted by a team of professional writers and top-tier narrators, it’s next-gen romance created by and for women.

You can download Dipsea in the App Store, Google Play Store, or browse audiobooks here.

What can I listen to with a free trial?

You’ll get access to the entire Dipsea library when you sign up for a free trial. Choose an annual or monthly subscription and explore 1000+ spicy audiobooks, romance novels, sleep scenes, and steamy sounds.

How often is there new content?

New content is released each week and with thousands of stories to explore, there’s plenty to discover.

Who are the people behind the app?

We're a women-led team of writers, producers, and engineers who are obsessed with making the very best audio romance. Every story on Dipsea has been created by us. And we partner with an incredible network of narrators to guarantee the quality of every single story.

What makes Dipsea different?

We like to think of Dipsea as HBO for your ears. It isn’t just your average romance audiobook—it’s like the juiciest scenes from your favorite spicy story, but better… Crafted with care by our team of professional writers, voice actors, and audio producers, each story in our library is a high-quality, immersive sonic experience. And because our content is created by women, the female gaze is always front and center.

Can I work for Dipsea?

We’re only as great as the people we work with, and we’d love to meet you. Check out the current opportunities for working with us:

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