Picks for Pride: A roundup of the Dipsea team’s favorite queer series


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Happy Pride Month!

Pride technically only comes once a year, but in the Dipseaverse, you can celebrate queer love and pleasure any month (or day…or hour…) you choose. Thirty five percent of Dipsea’s library is queer because celebrating queerness is not only important – it’s also hot. Plus, over half of our amazing team identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community, so you know your erotica is made by queer people, for queer people. 🌈

Join us in celebrating Pride by diving into the Dipsea team’s favorite queer series! These stories have touched our hearts and stoked our imaginations, and we’re excited to share why we love them with you.


Pronouns: she/her
Position: Growth Marketing Lead
Favorite Dipsea series: Under Construction

"It’s the queer handyman fantasy I’ve always wanted! As a person who also crushes hard, I love that Lucy’s crush on Rachel keeps bringing them together. Rachel is the butch babe you can trust to be handy in more ways than one."


Pronouns: she/her
Position: Senior Audio Producer
Favorite Dipsea series: The Ticket

"I always love an escape to distant lands, so I naturally gravitate towards The Ticket. The sense of adventure is heightened by Juliette, an alluring and mysterious woman who aims to please no matter how risqué the location."


Pronouns: they/them/their
Position: Data Analyst
Favorite Dipsea series: Plus One

"E.R. Fightmaster’s Jay is such a hunk! They’re so smooth and effortless and cheeky. Also our writers did such a great job making this series feel queer and contemporary – there are so many great details and little jokes about iced oatmilk lattes that make the story and characters feel like actual people I know. The story is about making your ex jealous by bringing a fake partner as your “plus one” to a wedding you’re both invited to – get into the queer chaos!"


Pronouns: she/her
Position: Audio Producer
Favorite Dipsea series: Say Yes

"A solo vacation that turns into a three day hedonistic adventure with two experienced guides? I say YES! The dynamic between these three characters is insatiable - more is more with them. Their instant bond makes it safe for them to explore all of their desires, and is a joy to listen to!"


Pronouns: she/her
Position: Audio Producer
Favorite Dipsea series: Raise the Bar

"I love the off-limits workplace tension! Knowing you shouldn't be doing it makes the sex (and foreplay) even more heated ❤️‍🔥 Isa’s calm, dominant nature pairs so well with Alex’s spunk and brattiness. Plus, there are eight episodes in the series available so the two of them really get to explore different dynamics and settings."


Pronouns: he/him
Position: VP of Engineering
Favorite Dipsea series: Gods & Men

"Our main character intimately teaches Apollo how to draw an arrow…which–leads to sex–of course! The sexual chemistry is hot and intense. My favorite: we discover Apollo’s special bag of godly oils…. ✋, yes please! What else is in that bag 👀?"


Pronouns: she/they
Position: Senior Brand Manager
Favorite Dipsea series: Homecoming

"The only thing better than a friends-to-lovers story is a friends-to-enemies-to-lovers story! The initial tension and then intense chemistry between Zoe and Adrianne in “Homecoming” are top tier! And I love how Zoe continuously checks in with Adrianne and reassures her that they can take things slow."

Listen, light yourself up.

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