13 women reveal how they like to be touched

Claire Blackmore|2019.04.01

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Slow and luxurious, hot and quick, intimate and meaningful, dirty and rough: there are a million ways to have sex. How you like to connect with someone else and exchange sensual touch – with your fingers and toys – can vary depending on things like your partner, your mood, and your stress level. But once you find the places and ways you love to be touched, there's just no going back.

Erogenous zones are hotspots of heightened sensitivity on the body. There's no official number, which makes sense because sexual pleasure is unique to each person, but they tend to be areas with lots of nerve endings – think nipples, neck, lips, clitoris. And a few more surprising areas, like hands, feet, and the inside of elbows and knees.

We asked 13 listeners from the Dipsea community to reveal their most erotic regions. Ready to explore on your own? Check out our sessions on sensual self touch.

Lucy, 28

"Soft kisses on my lower back drive me insane. If my girlfriend wants to make my spine tingle, she just needs to blow, lick and gently kiss the little dips above my butt. If she wants to ramp it up a notch, she tickles my back all over too. It has to be light though, like a feather, or soft tapping like water drops hitting my skin."

Eliza, 33

"A really deep kiss turns me on. There's something about a warm, wet tongue massaging mine in a slow rhythm that awakens a deep pleasure inside my body. It's like my mouth has a direct connection to my clit."

Rachel, 30

"My thighs, hips, and upper legs get me hot but my real pleasure spot is the fleshy skin around my vagina. I love it when someone sensually touches that area. They have to push their thumbs up in one fluid motion again and again without touching my inner lips or clitoris to nail the move. I love the tease. I don't want anything inside me, just that smooth, continuous motion."

Phoebe, 31

"For me, foreplay starts with my breasts. They're definitely my favourite place to be touched during sex. My blood gets hot from the softest of strokes but if I'm calling the shots I want my nipples nibbled and my flesh grabbed."

Laura, 26

“When someone's going down on me I want two fingers deep inside me pressing upwards. That's my hottest zone.”

Aoife, 28

"My lips are super-erotic. If I meet a good kisser, that's me done. I want them bitten, I want a thumb swiped over them, I want someone else's lips rubbing against mine. I think you can really tell whether you have chemistry by a kiss.”

Katie, 26

"I didn't think I had a foot fetish until someone massaged my feet during foreplay, now I’m obsessed!”

Isla, 25

"I get a real rush from my boyfriend touching this special spot inside my ass – it's about an inch up inside. I love it when he slides a finger in just as I'm about to orgasm, it's so arousing."

Ana, 32

“My areolas are extremely sensitive. My whole body breaks out in goosebumps if a tongue or a finger is swirled around that delicate area – or the soft skin just underneath it. If you want to get me in the mood quick, that’s the place you need to focus on.”

Nia, 19

“Everything about my ass. Period.”

Jessica, 37

“The zone just above my pubes really turns me on but it needs a certain tactic applied. My boyfriend has to massage it with a semi-rough pressure using his fingers to kind of gently pinch and pull it. He can use his mouth, too, to bite it softly and suck on the sensitive skin. It feels wild.”

Leila, 35

“I find it really erotic when someone touches my hair or the back of my neck. If they smell amazing too, then shit, I'm gone.”

Freya, 22

“My inner thighs shoot off amazing sensations. It's extra sensitive when someone nips and licks them. Also, tracing an ice cube up and down is killer for me.”

Author’s Note: names have been changed to protect individuals’ privacy.

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