More with the Narrator who voices Andrés

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Private Lessons
Ch. 2 | Rhythm
14 min
A few weeks back, I saw Rosie leave the club with Collin. He was a little cocky, but one of the best dancers in my class. So when she asked me for a private lesson, I was ready to prove myself. I knew I was the better partner, but I'd have to work for it.
Salsa with Andrés from "Rhythm I". He had a fantasy about dancing together in the studio and can't wait to tell you every detail.
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Lead the Way
Ch. 4 | Rhythm
10 min
I’d never been to that club before, but Andrés seemed right at home. He grabbed my hand and led me through the sweaty crowd towards the rooftop...
You’re at the club with Andrés from "Rhythm II”. In a crowd full of people he can’t keep his hands off of you.
After a full day on the island, Andrés from "Rhythm" wants you to rest. He plays you a sweet melody on guitar as you fall asleep to the sound of waves.
At a cozy cabin in the woods, you and Andrés from “Rhythm” snuggle up as the snow falls. He puts another log on the fire and the cat purrs nearby.
You're in the roof with Andrés from "Rhythm." He pulled you away from the dance floor to get you alone because, he'll admit it, he's jealous. Now that he has you all to himself, he can't wait to explore every inch of you.
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