More with the Narrator who voices Henry

We walk into our treehouse villa feeling like we’ve stepped into a different universe. As I head down to the beach, I catch a glimpse of the insanely attractive couple on the deck next to ours.
I’ve spent plenty of time at their house with just Julie. There’s something intriguing, kind of...intimate...about the fact that it’s just the three of us tonight.
Every so often, you have one of those nights you just can't make up. When you meet someone amazing, or decide to just go with the flow and it all works out. The memory instantly becomes larger than life, and in the moment—all you can do is savor it. That's how I felt when I met Ellie.
I said I'd shoot his headshots as a favor to a friend. But I'm thinking I need to re-evaluate my generosity. He walks into my studio in blue jeans, scuffed white sneakers, and a black v-neck. Ok, he’s pretty. And once I have him in front of the lens, I'm flooded with memories.
I see a familiar look of ecstasy fall onto Noah's face. I know it so well, but it’s different from a distance.
The van's a little rickety, but I think we'll make it to Moher. Even if we breakdown somewhere in the Irish countryside, we’ll still have fun. That’s why I love him, everything’s an adventure.
Listen in on Des and Henry working on their first home. They break down a wall, then break in the kitchen.
Be a fly on the wall as Des and Henry paint the bedroom (and each other).
I don’t like being the center of attention. But when Julie and Evan have their hands all over me, I love it. Our game is just getting started. He goes first, kissing me with careful attention. Julie’s less careful, she knows what she wants.
Des and Henry build a piece of furniture and, inevitably, things start getting tense. Listen in as they work it all out on the living room floor.
Listen in as things get rumbly in the laundry room, where Des and Henry spontaneously get into some good, clean fun.
Eavesdrop on Des and Henry as they spend a lazy Sunday in bed.
Working on the ranch all summer, Heidi and I got close real fast. But it wasn’t until I saw her talking to Lee by the barn, that I realized how deep my feelings really ran.
Crash Des and Henry's New Year's Eve party. Then listen in when they sneak away to their bedroom right before midnight.
Get cozy under the covers with Des and Henry on Valentine's day while they revisit the story of how they met.
Slip under the sheets with Henry from “Fixer Upper”. He has a camera and wants to capture your every angle.
Join Des and Henry from “Fixer Upper” in the bedroom. They’ve wanted this forever and can't wait to make you feel incredible.
Jonathon and I had promised each other we'd keep it professional. But when we were in a room together, the tension felt so palpable, sometimes I swore our colleagues could feel it. And when he started texting me during a meeting, I just couldn't resist.
Jonathan's promotion meant he also got a big, new, private office. I was having fun teasing him on messenger, but then I decided to pay him a little visit...
Jonathan from "Focus" had a dream you snuck into one of his meetings. And by the time it was over, he wasn't holding back.
Des has had a rough day, and Henry just wants to make her feel good. He starts a warm shower and gives her exactly what she needs.
Henry from "Fixer Upper" is here to make you feel good after a long day. He's attentive and gentle as he massages you and pulls out your favorite toy.
Relax and let Henry from "Fixer "Upper" do the laundry tonight. He tucks you in and then finishes folding while the washing machine hums and the cat purrs.
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