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Moving across the country isn’t exactly easy, so when Josie connected me with Leo I was honestly just relieved to know someone there. But when a rainstorm stranded me at his place, I started seeing him as more than a friend...
Leo from "Crash with Me" had a dream about sneaking away from the party with you. And he can't wait to tell you what you did together in that back bedroom...
When Gianna moves back to her sleepy hometown after a breakup, a chance run-in with Jack, her childhood friend's mysterious older brother, sparks an undeniable attraction. As rain pours down outside the dive bar, Jack offers her a ride home in his old truck. But with years of pent-up curiosity and the confines of the car igniting old emotions between them, they finally give in to their long simmering crush
Gia and Jack have been secretly hooking up since her return to their hometown. And when they unexpectedly end up on the same camping trip with old friends, their simmering tension threatens to boil over. As night falls and their friends retire, the pair sneak off to Gia's tent. In the confined space, Jack's dominant side emerges, challenging Gia's need for control. Their intense encounter leaves them questioning whether they can keep their passionate affair under wraps or if it's time to bring their relationship into the light.
As their secret relationship intensifies, Jack invites Gia to his gallery, eager to show her his new photos. But Gia arrives with a surprise of her own: a latex corset under her clothes. And in the flickering red light of his dark room, they tangle together and the boundaries between artist and muse become irrevocably blurred.
Jack shares a vivid dream he had about you in his photography studio. In this fantasy, bathed in the dim red glow of the darkroom, you tease him mercilessly as he tries to maintain his professional composure behind the camera. And as you slowly reveal a daring latex corset beneath your coat, the line between artist and subject blurs
Fall asleep under the stars with Jack from “Hometown.” He’s finishing up a sketch while a campfire crackles, the forest hums, and you doze off.
When Jack's sister unexpectedly extends her stay, his secret rendezvous with Gia seem impossible - until a late-night phone call sparks a daring plan. Under the cover of darkness, they sneak away to the local lake where high school memories and new desires collide on the old dock. As their moonlit swim turns into a spicy hookup, Jack and Gia begin to realize their secret connection might be more than just a fleeting hometown fling…
After weeks apart due to Jack's busy gallery schedule and Gia's looming deadlines, a restless, rainy day inspires an impromptu matinee date. In the empty theater, high school memories of Gia's time working there resurface, along with unexpected desire. Their innocent reunion quickly turns spicy as wandering hands lead to a risky encounter in the abandoned projector room.
When Jack's work takes him to London, the hot nights have him dreaming up a spicy surprise for you when he gets back home. Over a late night phone call, he reveals his fantasy about a very creative way to cool you down...
When Gia joins Jack and his sister Alanna at their family beach house, the summer heat isn't the only thing making her restless. As night falls and the house quiets, Gia sneaks downstairs for a glass of water, only to find Jack waiting in the kitchen. Their playful moment quickly turns risky when they hear movement upstairs, leading to a hasty retreat to the shower. But as the cool water washes over heated skin, Gia and Jack wonder if they can keep their passionate secret from spilling out all weekend long.
A drive home with Jack takes an unexpected turn when your playful teasing pushes him to the edge. As tension builds with each mile, Jack suddenly pulls his truck over to a secluded spot. In the confined space of the cab, he whispers his intentions to 'punish' you for your mischievous behavior. The quiet roadside and risk of passing cars add a thrilling edge as Jack promises to give you exactly what you've been asking for—if you can handle the intensity without drawing attention.
The last night of vacation takes an unexpected turn when Gia learns of Jack's upcoming London residency. Torn between excitement for his success and dread of his departure, she escapes the celebration for some air. As a storm rolls in, Gia finds herself in the old boathouse, where Jack soon joins her. Amid the thunder and their uncertain future, they seize a moment of connection, knowing their time together might be running out. And in the afterglow, he suggests she come with him to London - but is Gia ready to risk it all for their budding romance?
You're alone with the professor, and he's ready to tell you his secret. A few semesters ago, he hooked up with one of his students. He did his best to resist, but after she kissed him, all bets were off.
Gia surprises Jack at his apartment with a provocative bucket list before his London move. Their first item? A power play where Gia takes charge. But as Jack submits, he's determined to remind her who's really in control. Their push and pull intensifies throughout the night, both savoring the moments before an ocean divides them. Yet as passion gives way to reality, they're left wondering: is this list a final fling, or the start of something worth fighting for?
When Gia falls asleep next to Jack, her dreams take a wild turn. In her fantasy, they're back at the bar where they first reconnected, and things get spicy quickly. But the real fun begins when Jack wakes Gia up, determined to hear every detail of her fantasy. As she recounts the story, Jack matches each revelation with his touch. Will Gia's real life reunion with Jack be even hotter than her dreams?
On a group camping trip, you're drifting off to sleep when someone quietly slips into your tent. It's Jack, his presence unexpected but not unwelcome. He moves close, whispering that he wants you, but only if you can stay completely silent. With friends sleeping nearby, the need for discretion adds a new dimension to your hookup…
Jack takes you to a late-night screening of an obscure film. In the nearly empty theater, his hand finds yours. He leans over and whispers in your ear, telling you exactly what he's going to do to you. As the film plays on, the possibility of being caught adds an edge of danger to your spicy date.
New format! Like your favorite audiobook, only shorter. Read by a British, male narrator. Dive into Jack’s past and hear the story of his love-to-hate-you relationship with his neighbor in London.
Jack calls you late at night from his London hotel room. Unable to sleep, he shares how much he's been thinking about you. The conversation quickly turns intimate as Jack describes what he'd do if he were there. His voice guides you through a shared fantasy, the distance between you momentarily forgotten.
On a chilly London night, Gia stands outside Jack's apartment, nervous about their reunion after months apart. Inside, they catch up over wine, the tension between them obvious. Jack shares his latest photography project, including a portrait inspired by Gia. As they discuss his work, their attempt at staying casual crumbles. One touch leads to another, and soon they're tangled on the couch, rediscovering their connection. In the aftermath, Jack snaps a photo of them together - a new memory to add to his collection. But as the night winds down, they're left wondering if this is just a London fling or something more.
Jack's fancy London fellowship comes with perks - like borrowing a secret garden for artistic purposes. When Gia shows up early to his photoshoot, she finds Jack setting up an unexpected picnic. As they trade conversation over strawberries and wine, the sexual tension from their past encounters reaches a breaking point. Soon, Gia's sundress becomes an impromptu restraint, and the garden trellis gets more action than it bargained for. But with Gia's flight home looming, their passionate rendezvous is tinged with the bittersweet taste of borrowed time.
Jack's photography session takes an unexpected turn when you arrive in a daring outfit. As he works in the dim red light of his darkroom, the click of the shutter becomes a backdrop to growing tension. Soon, Jack finds himself breaking his own rules, drawn into an intense encounter where the lines between art and desire fade away.
At Jack's fellowship party, Gia gets a taste of his new London life. When Kirsten, a fellow artist, flirts with Jack, Gia's excitement turns to jealousy. Sensing the tension, Jack leads Gia to the back gallery for a private viewing. Surrounded by his work, the intensity of feeling between them crumbles any remaining restraint. Their spicy encounter leaves them breathless, but as the party continues outside, they must confront the reality of their rekindled connection. Gia thought she was ready to leave London behind, but one last night with Jack has her questioning everything.
Apollo and Hyacinthus are spending a long summer afternoon together when Hyacinthus asks Apollo to teach him how to use his golden bow and arrow. They joke and jostle, until a simple touch sets off the attraction they’ve long held back.
When mortals and gods mix, it often ends in peril. Apollo fears his attraction to Hyacinthus might incite the jealousy of the other gods. He vows that he won’t sleep with him again, but when they find themselves on an island alone together, it becomes impossible for him to keep his promise.
During an intense game of discus throwing, Hyacinthus suffers an injury. Back at the Spartan palace, Apollo runs Hyacinthus a bath and tends to his wounds. The water runs deep and their feelings do too…
You’ve stumbled upon Apollo and Hyacinthus from “Gods & Men,” but they don’t mind. You can watch, as long as you promise to keep what you see between them a secret…
He's missing you so much while he's camping this weekend. It’s finally time to go to sleep, and he touches himself thinking about what he’d do if you were with him.
Jack from “Hometown" is at home on a rainy night in London. He’s wishing you were with him... so he records a voice memo to show you just how much he misses you…
A quiet Sunday at the library turns into an unexpected meeting when Jack surprises Gia with an early return from London. Nostalgia and desire collide as they reminisce about old fantasies, leading to a very risky encounter among the quiet bookshelves.
Apollo and Hyacinthus began their forbidden affair on a hot summer afternoon. Apollo fears his relationship with Hyacinthus will spark the ire of the other gods, but he finds the mortal impossible to resist. Listen in on a secret rendezvous between the two. They don't mind you watching, as long as you can keep a secret...
A rainy movie night with Jack turns into an unexpected sleepover. As you both wake from an accidental nap, he shares a dream he just had—you two sneaking away for a secret hookup during a group cabin trip. In the dream, he promises to go down on you, but only if you can stay completely and utterly silent.
A group camping trip takes an unexpected turn when you slip into Jack's tent late at night. With friends sleeping nearby, the challenge of staying silent adds a thrilling edge to your secret meeting. Jack, ever resourceful, finds a creative way to keep you quiet—without uttering a single word.
When Alexander’s reputation is put at risk by British tabloids, his assistant suggests that he hires Adrienne Stone to write his biography. The only problem? She’s the sister of the very man who owes him millions of dollars. He’s skeptical about the idea, but when he reads her work he begins to wonder if it might be advantageous after all.
When Adrienne and Alexander ink their deal, the real challenges emerge. Wraithmere, the sprawling estate, needs preparation for Adrienne's residence. Meanwhile, a more complicated dilemma surfaces – Alexander's undeniable attraction to Adrienne. Battling his own emotions, when Adrienne's ex-boyfriend poses a threat, Alexander's protective instincts surge, propelling him to take action that he can’t undo.
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