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On vacation in a countryside villa, Chiara loves riding her bicycle, the beautiful scenery, and the outdoor shower...especially when Luccio joins her.
At a meditation retreat in the desert, Sarah makes a vow of silence. When she sits next to a handsome man in a meditation circle, their eyes say what their voices can't. During a movie screening on their last night, they get a bit more daring.
Anna, Max, and Emilio have always just been friends. Fresh off a brisk nighttime ride through San Francisco, they each start to wonder if they want to be more than that.
On a sleepy afternoon at home, a woman notices a cute neighbor in the building across the street. After exchanging notes, she gives him a sensual show.
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15 min
Sun yourself on the deck, feel the gaze of a young fisherman watching you from afar, then fall asleep to the rhythm of the waves.
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