More Like Leaving a Mark

Helena gets a tarot reading in the hopes of gaining clarity on Nicholas’s behavior, but she leaves more perplexed than before. She feels more confused than ever about who...or what...Nicholas really is. And when he invites her over to his place for a date, she finally gets the chance to ask him outright.
Professor Whitlock has a reputation for being difficult and strange. So when Helena starts working with him, she’s surprised to discover how charming he is. As they spend more time together, she feels an almost supernatural pull toward him, and wonders if he feels it too.
The strange connection between Helena and Nicholas continues to grow. Besides Helena’s dreams about Nicholas, he seems to sense when she’s in danger. When she’s lost her way in the forest, he’s there to help her. But when they get back to her apartment, the truth begins to come out.
Normally, Harper would weather bad PR by lying low at home with her cats. But when a photo surfaces of her kissing Logan at the SNL after-party, he persuades her to shake it off with a workout instead. Logan books a private penthouse gym in his apartment building, and what begins as a way of blowing off steam soon escalates into something far hotter.
After a breaking up with her famous musician boyfriend, Harper is ready to shed her glittery LA life for something a little grittier, so she packs up her broken heart and moves to New York. She’s keeping busy pouring all her energy into training for an upcoming movie role. But when her friend, an SNL cast member, invites her to the after party she can’t resist the idea of putting on something a little sparkly. Outside the party she has a surprise run in with Logan Miller, the surprisingly charismatic host and super-star football player. She’s usually into brooding artist types, but his easy humor and jock-ish charm catches Harper off guard. And when they share a very thrilling, and very public kiss at the party, she can’t help but want to take him home.
When Katie heads over to Jesse’s cabin she isn’t expecting a storm. But the rain comes down hard and she’s soaked by the time she’s at his doorstep. He brings her inside and finds lots of ways to keep her warm.
When nerves threaten to derail Jane's big lecture at Cambridge, her boyfriend James surprises her with a visit to the library. As she practices her presentation, his flirtatious distractions escalate into a spicy encounter amidst the bookshelves. James pushes Jane to focus through the pleasure, helping her find her confidence and release.
Olive gets mad when Gerard disagrees with her ideas for the home renovation. But when he surprises her with a peace offering, she starts to see him in a whole new light.
Tara hasn’t seen Jackson since their dinner date. Then one night, she hears him having a party through the wall. At first, she’s annoyed that he’s disrupting her peace without even inviting her, but the irritation quickly softens into something sweeter…
Jane's night out with friends takes an unexpected turn when Professor James slides into their booth at the college bar. As their flirty banter heats up, Jane finds herself torn between maintaining her cool and giving in to temptation. When James's wandering hands under the table become too much to bear, the photo booth in the corner suddenly looks like the perfect escape.
Persephone, the Goddess of Spring, has just been inducted into the Pantheon. She escapes the rowdy bacchanal in the early hours to lie in a meadow and encounters Hades, Lord of the Underworld. Her first instinct is to run, but she can't help but be intrigued by the vision of a very different life that he paints for her...
Ronan didn't need to be on the farm anymore, and Mia isn't sure she even wants him there... She's caught somewhere between wanting him to leave and needing him to stay.
Helena is on her way to a late night study session with Nicholas when she runs into Bancroft. He insinuates that Nicholas might be keeping secrets about what their blood bond really means. And when she confronts him about it, their argument turns fiery…
The Ainsworths' annual spring party is set to begin, but Elizabeth Everly is loath to go—The small town politicking feels so pretentious to her. But when she runs into Ewan, the gruff barn hand, her night takes a spontaneous turn…
When Jane finds James struggling to focus on his work, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She challenges their usual power dynamic, determined to tempt him away from his desk. As Jane ups the ante with each flirtatious move, James fights to resist her charms. But when she drops to her knees, his resolve crumbles. In a spicy turn of events, James flips the script, taking back control
James's quiet dinner out takes an unexpected turn when he spots Jane with another man. His surprise quickly shifts to jealousy, leading to a tense encounter on the restaurant's secluded patio. As they hash things out, the conversation heats up in more ways than one.
When Jackson asks Tara to meet him at one of the hottest restaurants in New York City, she starts to get a better sense of the community he's surrounded by. And tonight, there's much more on the menu than just dinner.
After weeks of hearing her neighbor through the wall, Tara finally comes face to face with Jackson—an artist who both annoys and intrigues her. After a tension-filled first meeting on the fire escape, they have a night to remember back in her apartment.
Jane's presentation at Cambridge is finally over, but her day takes an unexpected turn when James finds her on the quiet campus green. Their usual banter shifts into flirty territory as they slip into a role-play game—Jane the eager undergrad, James the older psych professor she's dying to impress. Soon, their playacting gives way to a spicy encounter that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. And with the rest of campus just around the corner, Jane and James are left wondering if they can keep their little game a secret…
After Elizabeth’s dramatic departure from the Ainsworths' party, her parents are eager to smooth over her relationship with Oliver. It’s arranged that he’ll come visit the Everly Estate, and Elizabeth agrees to entertain his courtship. But when Ewan shows up, Elizabeth finds it hard to be on her best behavior.
Olive tries to resist seeing Gerard again. But when her house floods, she has no choice but to call him...
Alejandro invites Sydney to meet him down at the marina. They wander the docks and then sneak onto one of the yachts for a little trouble.
When Jane is burning the midnight oil in the library, a surprise visit from James turns her all-nighter into an all-out tryst. As the stacks heat up, Jane's studies take a backseat to their secret rendezvous. But with James being her advisor, mixing business with pleasure could spell trouble...or the start of an irresistible forbidden romance.
Back on Mount Olympus, the gods celebrate Persephone’s return. But she has a secret: she wasn’t taken to the Underworld against her will at all. She chose to go and is now bound to Hades by ancient magic. Unable to bear being apart, Hades makes a risky choice to show up to the party, and they sneak off together.
Maya doesn’t know what to expect when she goes to a private bondage lesson, but nothing will be the same after one session with Jacob…
When Sabrina moves above an Irish pub, she finds it hard to study. And the pub owner, Killian, makes it even more difficult. But when she goes downstairs for a drink one night, she begins to find him more charming than distracting.
After her first rope lesson with Jacob, Maya is interested in learning more about just how much control she can give up in the name of pleasure.
Quentin invites Nadia to the VIP section of a music festival. But nothing is as it seems when the two slip from the crowds and backstage to the headliner's dressing room...
When Helena asks Nicholas to bite her, she learns that it will make them “blood bonded.” Still, she’s intrigued. Nicholas insists on making the occasion special and sets up a ceremony under the light of the full moon.
Elizabeth is perseverating on Oliver’s proposal. On one hand, she knows it is the rational choice and the one most advantageous to her family. But on the other, her affair with Ewan has opened her up to a world of possibility she hadn’t known existed. When she gets marooned at the Ainsworth Estate during a storm, she’s forced to make her decision.
A quiet Sunday at the library turns into an unexpected meeting when Jack surprises Gia with an early return from London. Nostalgia and desire collide as they reminisce about old fantasies, leading to a very risky encounter among the quiet bookshelves.
When Katie runs into Jesse at the Fourth of July fair in town, she has to play it cool—nobody in her family knows that they're spending time together. When they make a quick escape to his truck, Katie's adrenaline is going, and she can't resist him.
Jane's first visit to Professor James's house starts innocently enough with tea and small talk. But when Jane decides to play the eager student, James's kitchen counter becomes the staging ground for a very hands-on lesson. As roleplay blurs into reality, they discover that having a whole house to themselves opens up a world of possibilities—and a few drawers full of surprises.
At Jack's fellowship party, Gia gets a taste of his new London life. When Kirsten, a fellow artist, flirts with Jack, Gia's excitement turns to jealousy. Sensing the tension, Jack leads Gia to the back gallery for a private viewing. Surrounded by his work, the intensity of feeling between them crumbles any remaining restraint. Their spicy encounter leaves them breathless, but as the party continues outside, they must confront the reality of their rekindled connection. Gia thought she was ready to leave London behind, but one last night with Jack has her questioning everything.
Aviva takes Dave shopping, and it's not what he expected. She leads him to the dressing room, and he gets down on his knees. Dave tries to keep her quiet, but Aviva's never been one to hold it in.
Chris had been playing it cool for a couple of weeks. So when he called I wanted to take back some control. I told him I picked out a new toy…we’d talked about pegging before, but it was finally the perfect time to try.
At a summertime barn dance, Katie’s temper flares when her dance partner trash-talks Jesse. She storms outside and Jesse quickly follows her. She can’t stand how ostracized he is by the locals, but Jesse's just happy to be here with her.
Everyone keeps telling Katie to stay away from Jesse, a local who's rough around the edges. But she can't help but want to get to know him for herself.
After the first day of class, she asked me to call her by her first name instead of "professor". Something about the way she smiled at me, using just her eyes, made me feel like she wanted me to wonder about her.
I drift between waking and sleep, searching for you in my dream, then finding you solid, real, and naked beside me in bed..
I take the first driving shift up to the hot springs. The roads are slick with snow, but I feel calm with Gabe sitting shotgun. I wasn’t expecting him to be so—actually, I don’t know what I was expecting.
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9 min
I love seeing you in your element -- holding court with our group of friends. But all I can think about is getting you alone again.
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Next Day
12 min
Everything about it felt new. The feel of his beard on my face, his longish hair in my hands. The taste of his mouth. Reckless. Strange. Fun. Intimate.
I look at myself with the curiosity and distance of a stranger. Running my hands down my body, I picture Charlie wrapping his arms around me.
When Leo invited me to the book signing, I was scared to commit. Like my 'yes' might set something in motion between us I couldn’t stop. But I found myself walking between the shelves that night, the familiar smell of crisp hardcovers and old wood floors washing over me.
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10 min
We've been sitting in total darkness for over an hour. Maybe I’m building him up in my mind since I haven’t had a real look at him in such a long time, but I had to stop myself from staring in the couple seconds we were together before the lights went out.
We talked for what felt like hours as the bonfire burned in the distance. He must’ve been a lot younger than me, but he drew me in, wrapping me in his stories.
My old roommate Caroline was always a mystery to me. When I moved out, I thought I’d never get the chance to figure her out. But New York heatwaves have a funny way of bringing people back together.
Every once in a while I’ll sneak a glance back at him. He’s watching me, rapt, through the phone screen.
I said I'd shoot his headshots as a favor to a friend. But I'm thinking I need to re-evaluate my generosity. He walks into my studio in blue jeans, scuffed white sneakers, and a black v-neck. Ok, he’s pretty. And once I have him in front of the lens, I'm flooded with memories.
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