More with the Narrator who voices Patrick

When Sparrow meets Patrick in her favorite bookshop, they get off to a less than ideal start. When she returns a few days later to find him reading a poem at an open mic night, she's taken, and when she finds out it's about her, all bets are off.
You're snuggled up with Patrick from “Poetic License.” Your pleasure is his only priority, and he can't wait to make you feel oh so good.
When Noelle and her British footballer boyfriend Darius invite his teammate Bryce over for a training session, the trio finds new ways to make each other sweat.
Superstition has Darius and Bryce abstaining from sex before a big football match. When Noelle finds this out, she decides to have a little fun. Just because they’re holding back doesn’t mean she has to…
After winning the big match, Darius, Bryce, and Noelle skip the team celebrations and have a private victory party in the locker room instead.
After a sweaty workout, Darius and Bryce from “Team Players” invite you to join them in the shower for a cool down.
You’re on a walk with Patrick from “Poetic License” when it starts raining. As you take shelter under the trees, he shows you how much he desires you.
It’s been days since Sparrow last saw Patrick and she can’t stop thinking about him. But when a book of poetry shows up in her mailbox, it doesn’t occur to Sparrow that this might be Patrick’s way of reaching out… until he shows up at her door.
Finally ready to share her poetry at the local open mic, Sparrow has no idea Patrick has slipped into the audience. But when they connect after the reading, he shows her how much he liked what he heard.
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