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I’m a gay, autistic, non-monogamous creator with chaotic energy. I love making Sapphic content, the spicier the better. - Kenna
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Your girlfriend secretly loves it when you're bratty. So when you act out, she has just the thing to make you behave again. She ties you up and tries out a new toy on you…
You're patiently waiting for your girlfriend in bed, but when she finally shows up she wants to make you wait for it. She slowly turns you on, and has you touch yourself, before she finally gives you what you want.
You and your girlfriend return home from a night out. She jokingly confronts you about flirting with someone else, and then she reminds you that you’re all hers.
You go down on your girlfriend and she loves it so much that she showers you with praise.
Your girlfriend likes to do “the knee thing” when you’re making out because she knows it drives you wild.
Your girlfriend’s in the mood for a little fun. Tonight she’s going to mix things up by using her vibrator on you while you have sex.
Your girlfriend is in the mood to make you work for it. She knows exactly what to say to bring you close to the edge, then she makes you beg while she draws it out.
You’ve been home alone while your girlfriend was away on a trip. When she comes home late at night, she crawls into bed and wants to show you just how much she missed you.
Your girlfriend needs to taste you…now. And she wants you to be on top so you can use her for your pleasure. She knows exactly what to say so that you don’t worry about a thing.
You had a feeling, but you were never really sure until now. Your friend finally confesses that she has a crush on you, and she wants to know if you like her too.
Your girlfriend tells you exactly what to do to feel good.
Your girlfriend wants to worship every inch of your body.
Your girlfriend elevates your hips to hit that perfect spot…
Your girlfriend loves using her strap on, and you do too.
Your girlfriend calls just to hear your voice.
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