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You asked, I listened. I’ve teamed up with Dipsea to create audios that are fun, affirmational, and a little bit spicy. For all my #BookTok fans and everyone who’s ever asked me to say “good girl,” this is for you. You can use my free trial link below to start listening! - Ryan

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Welcome to the Dipseaverse

Unlock your sensuality with a subscription to an ever-growing collection of sexy audio stories, wellness sessions, and dreamy sleep scenes.

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Extra, extra.

"A genre of its own, with audio details that enhance a sense of pleasure, safety, and calm."

"Where sexual wellness and desire meet storytelling."

"For women who aren’t sure what turns them on just yet, I can see Dipsea being a breath of fresh air."

"It’s Audible for orgasms or a Masterclass in masturbation, with an interface so pleasing Glossier is probably jealous."

"Consent and sex-positivity are written into the DNA."

"The characters feel like they have depth, emotion, and a full narrative arc."

Listen, light yourself up.

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