Listen to my audios on Dipsea!

You wanted something spicy, you got it! I’ve teamed up with Dipsea to create audios for your listening pleasure. From tying you up to talking you through it, there’s a little something for everyone. Use my link below to start listening.

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Welcome to the Dipseaverse

Unlock your sensuality with a subscription to an ever-growing collection of sexy audio stories, wellness sessions, and dreamy sleep scenes.

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"A genre of its own, with audio details that enhance a sense of pleasure, safety, and calm."

"Where wellness and desire meet storytelling."

"For women who aren’t sure what turns them on just yet, I can see Dipsea being a breath of fresh air."

"Consent is written into the DNA."

"The characters feel like they have depth, emotion, and a full narrative arc."

Find your favorite fantasy.

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