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Boost your libido with hundreds of short, sexy audio stories designed by women for women to help them connect with their sensual side and explore their interests in a shame-free environment.

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From ‘turn me on’ to ‘tuck me in’

In addition to over 600 sexy audio stories Dipsea also has steamy, binge-able books with characters you’ll love, sleep scenes and sounds you can drift off to, and wellness sessions led by experts in the field of sex and sexuality.

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Love stories and off-limits hookups

There are storylines for every mood and every moment, and new stories are released every week so no matter what you're into there's always something new to explore!

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We give 'em something to talk about.

"Life-changing. This app is so thoroughly consensual that I’m able to finally relax and enjoy myself."

Maya - 10.24.21

"With so many different stories, themes, and voices to choose from, I feel so free and invited to explore my sexuality in the best way."

Whitney - 09.18.21

"As a woman in the trauma healing process, this app helped me feel so amazing. I have less feelings of shame and guilt because of Dipsea."

Lizzie - 11.04.21

"These stories allow an escape into the body—a time to focus on yourself and re-energize. It truly is a form of healing and therapy."

Aka - 1.19.21

"Sensual and super sexy stories created by humans that ACTUALLY explore the inner workings of the human psyche. Guaranteed to get you off and put you to sleep."

Leisha - 12.15.20

Listen, light yourself up.

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