More with the Narrator who voices David

Louis from "Virgo Season" and "Aquarius Season" loves the faint rays of light in his forest studio. He tucks you in and stays nearby to sketch in their glow as birds sing sweetly.
The best part about summer in a beach town is that there’s no schedule. My only plan is to read, swim, and maybe flirt with the oyster man down at the docks.
Allison’s a true Virgo. Hardworking, focused, intense – she’s not used to being challenged. But she meets her match in Louis, a rule breaking artist.
I’d been feeling some pain during sex with David. I was planning to find a solve, but he jumped in first, surprising me with the perfect solution.
In true Sagittarius fashion, Dani’s up for a challenge. But when she hires Eric as a personal trainer for her climb up Mt. Rainier, she gets more than she signed up for.
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Summer Fling
Ch. 2 | The Catch
13 min
I didn’t plan on getting to know her. The last thing I needed was someone telling my ex I was hanging out with one of the summer tourists. I tried to keep busy on the boat and in the shop, but I kept running into her...
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Thawing Out
Ch. 3 | The Catch
12 min
Cape Cod is such a ghost town in the winter. I wasn't expecting to run into anyone, especially him. When he showed up at my door, I wondered if we'd replay what happened last summer...
Louis from Virgo Season has a backstory. Listen in as he visits Teresa, his artistic Aquarius muse, in Mexico.
Louis from "Virgo Season" wants to draw a portrait of you. Step inside his studio and he might just confess his secret fantasy.
The sea is smooth but Hunter from “The Catch” wants to get a little wild.
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Yes Chef
Ch. 2 | Eighty-Six
9 min
My first big screw-up, and of course Abe saw, he saw everything. I thought he'd be mad, but when he poured me a drink after closing, his attitude changed. By the time we were back in my bedroom, all bets were off.
You're on your break when Abe from "Eighty-Six" comes to find you behind the restaurant. You only have a few minutes, but he can't keep his hands off you. Just try to be quiet, so you don't get caught.
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