Listen History
3 chapters
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Texting What You Mean
11 min | 16,944 plays
You might know your love language, astrological sign, or personality type…but do you know your texting style? In this session, we’ll help you identify it. You’ll learn your unique communication style and what it might mean about how you relate to others. And we’ll help you get more intentional and empowered before hitting send. This series was created in collaboration with texting & relationships expert, Molly-Margaret.
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Negotiation I
Ch. 3 | BDSM Basics
9 min | 4,870 plays
Negotiation might sound like corporate speak, but in BDSM it takes on a new and erotic meaning. In this session, Yin Q guides you step by step in writing a “lust letter”. It’s a sexy way of talking kinks and fantasies while also establishing your boundaries and safe words. You'll want a pen and paper nearby, so grab those before starting the session.
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Negotiation II
Ch. 4 | BDSM Basics
15 min | 3,390 plays
Sometimes the best way to learn is to listen. In this session, Yin Q models how a negotiation conversation between a domme and sub really sounds. Listen in as they explore their desires, reveal their fantasies, and establish their boundaries.
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