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4 chapters
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Texting What You Mean
11 min | 16,944 plays
You might know your love language, astrological sign, or personality type…but do you know your texting style? In this session, we’ll help you identify it. You’ll learn your unique communication style and what it might mean about how you relate to others. And we’ll help you get more intentional and empowered before hitting send. This series was created in collaboration with texting & relationships expert, Molly-Margaret.
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Part III
Ch. 3 | 36 Questions
6 min | 5,000 plays
Keep exploring with your partner in the last episode of our 12 Questions series. You'll discover your partner's desires while digging deep into your own.
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Part I
Ch. 1 | 36 Questions
8 min | 25,452 plays
Have you ever heard of the 36 questions that lead to love? Our version of the game is sexual! No surprise there. Play along with a partner and discover your deepest desires together.
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Part II
Ch. 2 | 36 Questions
7 min | 8,055 plays
Play along with a partner to part two of our 12 Questions series. You’ll reveal your sexual desires and maybe even get a little turned on in the process.
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