Her + Her + Her

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4 chapters
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Teaming Up
14 min | 27,233 plays
Julie and Ally both have a thing for the new assistant coach, Marisol. When she shows up unexpectedly to the team party Ally's throwing at her house, their interest is piqued. When Marisol finds them in Ally's bedroom, things get even more intense.
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Room for Another
Ch. 3 | Ride or Die
13 min | 24,891 plays
Looking for a little adventure, Cory and Tyler swipe right on a cutie. Later that night, they invite her over to their hotel.
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Party of Three
11 min | 18,537 plays
As Teairra led us up the steps to the apartment, Liz shot me a look. I mouthed “what?” all innocent, but I knew what she was thinking. A few weeks back, a friend of ours told us that Teairra had been crushing on us both.
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12 min | 14,383 plays
After a palm reading with their witchy friend, Elsie and Tasha felt like they were catching a vibe. When they go to her house for a second session, she leads them in a ceremony that brings them very close together.
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