Her + Her + Them

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3 chapters
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Until Sunrise
Ch. 3 | Say Yes
9 min | 18,392 plays
The sun is about to come up, but Remy, Camila, and Lily aren't ready to leave the Palm Springs party anytime soon...They sneak into a private room filled with toys and finish what they started earlier that night.
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Three's a Party
Ch. 1 | Say Yes
14 min | 26,521 plays
Remy is hanging poolside when they get approached by Camila and Lily. The three of them quickly form a connection and head back inside for a little fun...
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All Eyes on Us
Ch. 2 | Say Yes
10 min | 18,290 plays
After their first night of fun, Camila and Lily invite Remy to a party in Palm Springs, and they hook up with all eyes on them.
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