Listen History
8 chapters
Megan and Robin from "My Partner's Partner" take a bath with you, then invite you into the bedroom where they've got some soft restraints ready for you, among other things...
After running into Megan and Robin from “My Partner’s Partner” at a party, they invite you over to their place. They haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since last time…
You're in bed with Megan and Robin from "My Partner's Partner," and they're ready to worship you. They may be arguing over whose idea it was to kiss you first, but they both agree this is a night you'll never forget.
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Tied Up and Free
14 min | 19,758 plays
Megan has been seeing Robin for a while now, and when she needs help getting Zander off her mind, Robin has the perfect idea. Exploring rope play has brought them closer together, and tonight Robin takes it to the next level.
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The Metamours
15 min | 22,074 plays
Zander brings Megan to Zoe's art opening so his metamours can finally meet. When he leaves them to grab a drink, they're finally able to break the ice. Later on, as they continue to get to know each other, things heat up even further...
Zander from "My Partner's Partner" is late getting home, but he has a good reason. He was hooking up with someone in the sauna at the climbing gym, and now he's gonna tell you all about it.
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A Spark of Jealousy
12 min | 15,774 plays
Zander comes home from a date, and for the first time in their relationship, Megan's a little jealous. They've always been poly, and this feeling is new, so they explore it together, under the sheets.
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Press Play
10 min | 9,114 plays
You’re probably asleep right now, but we’re missing you. So we made you a little something to watch for when you wake up.
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