Scottish Accent

Listen History
4 chapters
You’re out with Lachlan and what starts out as a fun night turns into a fiery fight about a local girl who was flirting with him. But outside the bar, he admits that he’s always loved you and by the time you’re in the car together you can’t keep your hands off each other.
It's a beautiful spring day and Lachlan is chopping wood out behind the cabin. You step outside, to lend a hand, but find yourself lingering nearby, watching the graceful flex of his muscles with each swing. He notices your gaze and shoots you a knowing look. The air begins to crackle with an undeniable spark. And what started as a simple chore, turns into something much more wild.
Feeling adventurous, Lachlan suggests trying something different tonight. Listen in as he surrenders all his control.
When you accidentally fall into the water, a gruff local sailor named Lachlan saves you. He’s angry that you were out on such a stormy night, but brings you back to his cottage nonetheless. He makes you a fire and runs you a bath and warms you all the way back up.
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