Trans Woman

Listen History
4 chapters
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What Are We?
Ch. 3 | Close Up
9 min | 6,896 plays
Sophia and Austin are in love, but keeping their relationship a secret is taking a big toll. When they’re on set for a big video interview with Vanity Fair, Austin suddenly goes off script, surprising everyone with what he reveals.
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Scene Partner
Ch. 2 | Close Up
10 min | 8,953 plays
Filming is about to begin, and it’s clear that the relationship between Austin and Sophia is getting serious. But when Austin’s manager cautions them to keep it under wraps, it threatens the deepening connection between them.
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Big Sur
Ch. 1 | Close Up
14 min | 10,569 plays
Sophia and Austin’s agents set them up on a get-to-know-each-other weekend in Big Sur before they’re set to start filming. Except they’ve already met…When the highway gets washed out and the director can’t make it, they spend a weekend alone together rehashing their past.
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Second First Date
13 min | 8,704 plays
When I first met Jazmin, I wasn’t even out yet. So seeing her now, two years later, felt like meeting for the first time. I’d started transitioning. Changed my name, my whole look. But right away there was an understanding between us. That same magnetism pulling me right back in.
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