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Ready to try something new? Dipsea has you covered.

Dipsea is an app for Sexy Stories, Sleep Scenes, and Wellness Sessions designed to turn you on and then tuck you in. You can download Dipsea from the App Store, Google Play Store, or listen online.

We launched Dipsea in 2018 with six stories and the promise that we would release feminist, sex-positive, inclusive content each week to inspire our listeners to find joy and confidence in and out of the bedroom.

Now, just three years later, we’re celebrating over 500 Sexy Stories, Sleep Scenes, and Wellness Sessions live in the app—and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. That means that the deeper you dive into the Dipseaverse, the more you’re going to find!

And when we say more, we mean more. A lot more. As our library continues to expand, so does our audience. And each new person who enters the Dipseaverse brings with them their own interests, desires, and reasons for exploring. All the things that make sexuality and pleasure so unique and exciting.

There are some things you’ll find in every Dipsea story. Consent, first and foremost. Also, characters and scenarios that feel at once real and immersive, like you’re right there in the story, but also transportive enough that you can truly let your mind wander and yourself get lost. A sense of safety and calm. Dipsea is and will always be a place where only good things happen and where your pleasure is the only priority.

And then there are things you’ll find all over the Dipseaverse, but are unique to different stories and series. Group play, dirty talk, edging, roleplay, we’ve got it all. From rough and wild to flirty and romantic—as our audience has grown, we’ve created more stories that meet their unique interests so that there will always be something new to explore, right alongside their tried and true favorites. We also know that the same listeners come back for different things on different days. One day you might be looking to be tucked in, the next, tied up. We’ve got a story for both of those moods, and everything in between.

And each of those Dipsea stories, every kiss, spark, and sigh, are carefully crafted by our in-house content team, who work tirelessly to bring our listeners the immersive escapes they crave.

Creating over 500 pieces of original content (with more coming all the time!) that connects with Dipsea listeners’ unique, intimate lives is no small feat, but the six women who make up our content team rise to the occasion every single day. Of course, everyone at Dipsea has played a part in bringing these stories to life, but our content team has brought each of these stories from just an idea, a spark of inspiration, to the immersive audio landscapes you hear in the app.

We love every single story on Dipsea, the content team especially so. But surely, after over 500 stories, there had to be one moment for each of them that rose above the rest. A shining moment that they each felt stood out as their number one Dipsea story moment. And so, we asked them to let us know what each of theirs was. Here’s what they said!

Selene, Senior Audio Producer

In the midst of all the–everything?–going on in the world, creating worlds of rest and relaxation in Sleep Overs has been such a relief. We get to dream up the coziest scenes using the right mix of comforting sounds and let our favorite characters invite our listeners to relax and unwind. My favorite might be “Elliot’s Porch.” Something about the gentle guitar strumming, rocking chair, and soft nature sounds puts me right there on a warm summer evening, listening to the forest fall asleep.

Kristina, Head of Audio

We love to create chemistry, tension, and desire between our protagonists and their crushes, but I have to give a shout-out to the unsung heroes of Dipsea: the best friend characters. They are the ones who will hype you up, express some much-needed tough love, and are down to help you on your quest for self-love actualization!

In the "On the Market" series, the main character Jordan turns to their best friend Beck when they can’t quite hack the dating scene in a new city. Beck not only flies across the country to bleach Jordan’s hair but is right there to support Jordan in getting their groove back. In "On the Market II," we get a glimpse of Beck’s own dating life (BFF characters are fully autonomous humans with their own relationships, okay!). But we also see the true intimacy of their friendship. And I’m not saying that in this series, friends could become more, but I guess you’ll have to keep listening to find out.

Angela, Senior Audio Producer

I’m a big fan of cozy moments, and lucky for me, there are plenty in the Dipseaverse—a warm fire on a cold winter evening, whispers in a snuggle sesh, a request for french fries after sex. But the first story where I felt something really click in terms of bringing a cozy moment to life was “Extra Hot.” Near the end of the story, the two actors discuss what an orgasm feels like. This is definitely a hard question to answer, and any attempt at it requires tapping deep inside one’s own truth. I’m so humbled by our actors’ willingness to collaborate with us in making these moments happen.

Olivia, Senior Content Editor

I feel really lucky to tell stories about sex, but I also feel really privileged to bear witness to them. As a society, we’ve been discouraged from talking about sex, attraction, desire, and being able to do it so openly is something I don’t take for granted. A while back, I got to interview a queer tailor for a story called “Tailormade.” They were so open and vulnerable with me, and the details and perspective they provided made for a final product we’re all proud of. Every part of that story-making process was special. Interviewing the collaborator, writing the script, and getting to listen to it for the first time. But getting on the phone and getting to listen to someone share their experiences with me is something I won’t ever forget.

Kara, Senior Audio Producer

As our Head of Audio says (hi Kristina!), one of our goals at Dipsea is to put our listeners in a different mood state, whether it’s sparking desire with our narrative stories or lulling them to sleep with our Sleep Overs. Our Wellness content is no different-it inspires new thoughts the listener can learn and grow from. Earlier this year, we produced two 7-day wellness series, “Get Grounded with Mark” and “Tough Love with Freddie.” Through more physical exercises in “Get Grounded,” and more mental ones in “Tough Love,” we tried to answer questions like “how does movement in our bodies affect the way we think?” and “can we transform our relationships to ourselves through positive self-talk?”. We got to create a collection of 3-minute episodes whose only job was to make the listener feel better than when they started. How amazing is that?! I feel so proud to be a part of a team that creates content for listeners that is stimulating in all of the ways.

Listen, light yourself up.

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