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Ready to tap into your sexuality in a whole new way? Dipsea has you covered.

Dipsea is an app for Sexy Stories, Sleep Scenes, and Wellness Sessions designed to turn you on and then tuck you in. You can download Dipsea from the App Store, Google Play Store, or listen online.

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Did you know that the oldest written piece of erotica ever discovered is a love poem that was written sometime between 2037 and 2029 BC? Naturally, it was written by a woman (who we know tend to be the best writers of erotic content!), or at least it is presumed to have been. The bride of King Shu-Sin of Sumer, the first erotica writer. Well, the first that we know of.

If you’d like to know more about the history of erotica, you can read our sexy little history of the genre here. The last tidbit we’ll leave you with is that the oldest erotic art ever uncovered is allegedly a carving of a vulva, which might just be proof that nudes are our most universal language.

But back to the written word.

We’ve come a long way since the bride of King Shu-Sin of Sumer first put pen to paper, or, rather, reed to tablet. And so has written erotica, in the 4,000 or so years since the bride wrote her poem.

For starters, the romance genre is consistently the number one selling genre of literature and has never fallen out of the top 5 genres since sales have started to be recorded. Add to that the fact that the romantic literature industry is worth 1.5 billion dollars and it becomes pretty clear that the mother of written erotica might also be the world’s first-ever girlboss (we’re kidding!).

At Dipsea, we’re proud to be the pioneers of erotic audio, having created the first-ever audio platform specifically for sexual wellness. We’re a team of storytellers at heart, and we believe that telling immersive, character-driven, sensual stories has the power to help our listeners discover new sides of themselves and connect more deeply with their bodies and their desires. That’s never going to change.

However, we also know that our listeners are always looking for new ways to engage with Dipsea and be transported by exceptional storytelling. As you might guess, we’re big, big fans of the idea that more is more, and we always believe in giving people more of what they want. So now, in addition to getting lost in the world of audio erotica, you can read bingeable chapters about your favorite Dipsea characters. Maybe it’s their steamy backstory or a retelling of their series from a new perspective. There’s only one way to find out! (Read, of course.)

We started off by releasing four books about four of the most popular Dipsea characters, with four chapters ready to be devoured in each. But don’t worry, more chapters will be added to these stories regularly, so you’ll never be left waiting too long.

The stories are, obviously, perfect for any occasion, but might be particularly exciting for those who are looking to get their Dipsea fix but might to be somewhere where listening isn’t the most convenient.

On a crowded bus or train and nervous about being overheard? No worries, just open up “Jennifer’s New Student” and let yourself get lost in a new erotic landscape. Forgot your headphones on your morning commute? “Call Me Freddie” is the answer to your prayers. Just looking for something wonderful to read before bed? “Mark Breaks Rank” is the perfect bedtime story.

Below, you can check out a little bit about each book, and what you can expect to read in the first four chapters of each. Happy reading!

Call Me Freddie

Vera’s intrigued by her new boss, Freddie. As they get closer, professional lines start to blur.

Chapter 1: He’s Here The new guy in the office causes a stir. What’s he all about?

Chapter 2: The Meeting Rumors swirl about Freddie, and things get heated between him and Vera.

Chapter 3: Do You Trust Me? Freddie and Vera smooth things over, but Vera isn’t prepared for what’s next.

Chapter 4: Black Silk Tie Freddie has one question for Vera. Her answer could change everything.

Mark Breaks Rank

Disillusioned with his life as a Marine, Mark isn’t sure what he wants anymore. When he meets Ainsley, things start to change, but of course, nothing good ever comes easy...

Chapter 1: Roadside Assistance Mark stops to help and gets more than he bargained for.

Chapter 2: Good Initiative, Bad Judgement He can’t stop thinking about Ainsley. Is Mark brave enough to make a move?

Chapter 3: Was I Off-Base? Their chemistry is electric, but a chance encounter might ruin it all.

Chapter 4: Backroads Before she takes Mark back to base, Ainsely gets what she wants.

Jennifer’s New Student

When Taylor first shows up to Jennifer’s office hours, things are purely academic. As time goes on, she’s not so sure anymore.

Chapter 1: Coincidence Taylor’s semester is off to an interesting start after a chance encounter.

Chapter 2: Office Hours Taylor keeps showing up to Jennifer’s office. Why’s she there?

Chapter 3: Flirting Is Always Serious Taylor’s in Jennifer’s office again, only now, something has shifted.

Chapter 4: On the Desk Taylor and Jennifer lock the door and do their best to stay quiet.

Jack’s Passenger Seat

Jack and Gia never thought they’d find themselves back in their hometown, but something’s drawn them back together.

Chapter 1: First Sight Jack doesn’t remember a lot about high school, except for meeting Gia.

Chapter 2: Winter Break After a party, Jack finds himself alone in his car with Gia.

Chapter 3: The In-Between The click of her boots, the back of her hair: it had to be her, didn't it?

Chapter 4: Keep Driving Jack drives Gia home, but this time she isn’t quite ready to head inside.

Listen, light yourself up.

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