We've rounded up some of our favorite Instagram content over the past month. From silicone toys to communication tips, these posts will help you navigate your sex life and relationships!

1. @june.pilot breaks down everything you've ever wanted to know about silicone toys.

2. @shrimpteeth encourages you to rethink how you define a successful relationship.

3. Don't know what to say to your partner after an unresolved fight? @whatswrongwithmollymargaret's got you covered with her text templates.

4. Learn how to work through feelings of rejection with @sexelducation.

5. @afrosexology_ lays out how to have conversations about sexual history, preferences, pleasure, and safety.

6. @thefatsextherapist with an important reminder: You are easy to love.

7. Are you into spanking? Understand your desires and how to communicate them to your partner(s) with this post from @sluttygrlprobs.

8. Level up your apologies with @misscoryb.

9. @whatsmybodydoing wants you to know: You can fulfill your own sexual needs!

10. Use this straightforward venn diagram from @askasub to figure out and communicate your boundaries to your sexual partner(s).