Prep for arousal: Free short stories to get you in the mood

Molly Frances|2022.02.15

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Ready to take your next solo sesh to a whole new level? That's what Dipsea is for.

Dipsea is an app for Sexy Stories, Sleep Scenes, and Wellness Sessions designed to turn you on and then tuck you in. You can download Dipsea from the App Store, Google Play Store, or listen online.

We can all agree that sex is a physical act. You touch, you stroke, you lick, you mount—but if you aren't getting your mind prepped for all that physical activity, you're missing out on the most potent erogenous zone in your body. Sexual desire starts in your brain, and since human brains are finely tuned storytelling machines, free short stories to get you in the mood will increase your levels of ecstasy.

Since we're all carrying tiny computers in our pockets, you don't have to hide the cover of a steamy story from view. You can use your phone to get yourself primed for sex while you wait at the doctor's office or on your commute home.

If you're new to using erotic fiction to indulge your sexual fantasies or looking for new ways to incorporate erotica in your sex life, keep reading. This article will give you plenty of tips for using free short stories to get you in the mood for partnered or solo sex.

Why erotic short stories activate your libido

We all know that touching erogenous zones feels good, but the physical act of touching is often not enough to get your libido revving. When your life is full of meetings, to-do lists, and reports to write, it can be difficult to flip your brain from work mode to pleasure mode.

Studies of human sexuality illustrate that sexual desire is a combination of thoughts, fantasy, and motivation required to get you interested in sex. Arousal involves the perfect mix of the right mental state with the availability of sexual touch (from a partner, yourself, or a favorite vibrator).

Anything from your phone chiming to intrusive thoughts about a conversation with your boss can derail the sexual response train. The key to sexual arousal that results in a satisfying orgasm (or multiple orgasms) is to reduce the number of interruptions between desire and arousal. Sexual stimuli, such as an erotic story, can help. Free short stories to get you in the mood can speed up the connection between sexual desire and sexual arousal.

Ways to use erotic short stories

Sexy stories help activate sexual desire, but you don't have to limit your use of free short stories to get you in the mood. You can use them once you're in the mood for sex to help you stay there.

Incorporating erotic fiction into your sex life in various ways can also help you explore new sexual adventures alone or with your partners. Here are a few ways to use sex stories you may not have tried.

Activate your desire

Have you ever wanted time to masturbate only to be derailed by a busy schedule or a host of to-dos once you're finally home?

If you're like many people who schedule sex in their lives either because of busy schedules or a date night with a partner, using free short stories to get you in the mood can ensure that your brain and body are ready for pleasure when you decide it's time. For many of us, waiting until desire strikes may mean we miss out on opportunities for pleasure, and erotic fiction can help.

Try listening to an erotic story while you get dressed for date night, during your shower, or on your drive home. The mental stimulation will help your brain realize it's time to put work away and focus on fun.

Focus your mind during masturbation

Have you experienced turning on your favorite vibrator and finding just the right spot only to get distracted by a mistake you made at work or the bills piled on the kitchen counter? You might feel like you need to stop masturbating and jump back into life.

But you'll be much more relaxed and better equipped to handle life stressors if you let your mind rest and enjoy an orgasm or two. Using free short stories to get you in the mood (and keep you there) can improve your next solo sesh.

Try reading or listening to a short story before grabbing your favorite sex toy. You may choose to read the entire story before you start exploring your body, or let your hands wander over your erogenous zones as the plot heats up. Sexy stories will keep you focused on the task at hand. The rush of endorphins from your orgasm will improve your mood, lower your stress level, and you'll be ready to tackle the rest of your life.

Explore sexual fantasies

Most people have a kinky fantasy or two they'd like to explore but aren't quite ready to bring into real life yet. Using free short stories to get you in the mood is the perfect way to explore the fetishes and kinks occupying your fantasies.

Whether you're into a BDSM story where a character is tied up for the first time and kept from orgasm by a dom with a vibrator or a love story involving deep intimacy and romantic connection, there are sexy stories for every taste. You can even use short sexy stories to explore fantasies with a partner. Erotic fiction can help you share your turn-ons and gauge your partner's interest.

Experiment with sexual orientation

If you're questioning your sexual orientation, you may feel nervous or worried about exploring sex with same-sex partners in real life.

Because of our heteronormative culture and sex education, people often assume they're straight until something (or someone) sparks their interest in same-sex experiences. What's more, since sexuality is fluid, you may be straight as a young person only to become bisexual or gay later in life. Growing up in a heteronormative culture means you don't always have the language or tools for figuring out your sexuality.

It can be challenging to discuss your changing sexual desires with partners, best friends, or family members unless you have the right words to use and an experience or two to reference. Listening to short stories with queer characters can help you figure out if you're interested in some real-life experimentation.

Where to find erotic short stories

Erotic short stories are all over the internet, but not all are created equal. Here at Dipsea, we believe freedom and inclusivity are vital pieces of sexual wellness. We're committed to building a library of erotica that’s relatable to members of the LGBTQ community and all women who have been underserved by sexual wellness content.

Our stories feature active consent, sex-positive language, and sex between characters who are more like you. The result is an immersive sexual experience that feels real and safe, so you’re free to explore.

Our stories are perfect for activating sexual desire anywhere and anytime, as long as you have a pair of headphones. You can listen to our erotic short stories to help you explore sexual fantasies alone or with partners.

If romance is your thing, try Get Intimate with Malcolm—he's been thinking about you and can't wait to get his hands on you. If you're looking for something else, try Wild Hearts, where two women decide to play hooky from work and play with each other.

Whatever you’re craving, Dipsea has sexy stories to get you in the mood and keep you there.

Listen, light yourself up.

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