How to use nipple massage to reach orgasm

Toni Sicola|2022.01.27

Two minor points on your body could be a major frontier for self-pleasure and orgasm. Nipple play isn't just foreplay to an eventual vaginal orgasm—it can be the gateway to an orgasm all its own. With strategic nipple massage, you can reach new heights of pleasure with a partner or alone.

If you've heard of the elusive nipple orgasm and found yourself skeptical about the veracity of the claim, we're here to tell you that it's real and possible to reach orgasm through nipple massage, with no direct contact with your clitoris. Let's explore the method that elevates this well-known erogenous zone to a full-blown pleasure center.

The mechanics

Your nipples and areolas have a ton of nerve endings, just like your clitoris. Of course, you can have more or less sensitive nipples than another person, but you might not realize what you have until you start experimenting.

Those born with penises tend to have less sensitive nipples than those born with vaginas, but that's not always true. There's also a non-scientific claim that the busty among us have less concentrated nerve endings than those with smaller breasts, but there's no real clinical evidence to support that.

It's all about exploring for yourself to see how things feel. Vagina owners tend to be the ones who benefit from the magical "nipple-gasm," so that's what this article will focus on.

Interestingly, brain scan data has been able to detect the parts of the brain that light up during vaginal, cervical, clitoral, and nipple stimulation. You may (or may not) be surprised to learn that clitoral and vaginal play activate different parts of the brain, while clitoral and nipple massage stimulate the same part of the sensory cortex.

So, if the nips and the clit are sending the same signals to the same parts of the brain, it logically follows that a female orgasm can result from both places, right? That seems to be the case.

How to prep for nipple massage

Just like prepping for solo sex, creating an experience and atmosphere will help you relax into this type of pleasure. In fact, setting the mood is a good idea whether you plan to enjoy sex alone or bring a partner into the mix.

Make a few adjustments to make your space cozy and a bit more sensual—dim the lights, light a few scented candles, incense, or an oil diffuser, put on a sexy playlist, and straighten up your bed. You might want to slip into some silky lingerie or forego clothes all together—whatever gets you going. Make sure your phone is on silent so that if you're listening to a Dipsea story or your playlist, you won't be interrupted with dings and pings.

How to use nipple massage to orgasm

Nipple massage isn't just the act of squeezing the nipple, much like clitoral massage isn't just "pressing the button." It's a lot more sensual and slow than that. Reaching a nipple massage orgasm requires some focus and practice.

If you're beginning the exploration alone, start by lying on your back so that everything is accessible. Treat this exercise as a way to engage your body sexually—whole-body stimulation—then focus in on breast stimulation/breast massage, then begin to hone the focus on the areolas and nipples. Nipple stimulation causes your body to release oxytocin (the love hormone that's released both during orgasm to help you bond with your partner and during breastfeeding/lactation to help you bond with your baby), so this whole exercise should be pleasurable.

Experiment with levels of pressure

Start with light, gentle strokes—just the tips of your fingers—down your torso, between your breasts, circling the outside, moving in tighter circles, barely making contact with your skin. This will wake up your senses, possibly produce some goosebumps. You're not touching your genitals or nipples at all, you're just priming the pump, if you will.

Notice your body and how it reacts to this touch. Does your back want to arch? Any flinching or jolting? Do your hips tilt forward? Start to move in response to your touch, allowing blood flow through your body to increase as you begin deepening the pressure with your hands. This type of play is a form of masturbation, even if you never put your hand or sex toy between your legs, so treat this as a self-seduction practice. You'll learn how your body wants to be touched, what you respond to, and when to increase pressure and speed.

Bring your whole body in

As your body reacts, do kegel flexes, pulsing your hips forward and back, and then move your hands toward your areolas and nipples. You can play with one at a time or both at once, gently squeezing, pressing, and rubbing. You might find that one type of stimulation works far better than another to get you closer to orgasm. You might even pull out a vibrator to see if running it across your nipples moves you toward an O.

Since you're giving yourself a massage, you can use oil or lotion to smooth out the movements as you glide your hands across your body and breasts. Just lay a towel down if you're laying on furniture or your bedsheets to avoid oil stains. If you're in a partner scenario, your partner can use their mouth and tongue to stimulate your nipples, or you can try out a suction vibrator to mimic that sensation on your own.

The more you incorporate your whole body through hip thrusts and self-touch, the more likely you are to reach a nipple play orgasm.

Advanced techniques and foreplay

So far, we've focused only on how you can reach an orgasm with nipple massage alone. But nipple play is also a great way to enhance the intensity of a clitoral orgasm. Again, this is something you could try on your own or with a partner. Everything we described above as a self-pleasure activity can be done with a partner as part of foreplay, eventually leading to clitoral stimulation or vaginal penetration alongside the nipple stimulation. It's especially helpful to have a partner around to use their mouth on your breasts and nipples, whether they're touching you below the belt or you’re touching yourself.

A more advanced nipple play expert may incorporate nipple clamps into masturbation or partnered sex in order to create constant pressure there while other areas of the body are explored as well. The level of pain the nipple clamps inflict might move you into fetish territory, melding pain and pleasure into a sexy cocktail personalized for you. It's all a matter of what turns you on.

Use external stimuli to get you there

If you're ready to give this whole "nipple-gasm" thing a try, enhance your experience by listening to a sexy story from the Dipsea vault. Falling I, a story about a chance encounter, will help titillate your senses and bring the heat right into your ears. Or listen to this lesbian massage story where volunteers play hooky for a sexy outdoor adventure.

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