How to use sexual transmutation to reach creative goals faster

Molly Frances|2021.10.12

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Think about the last time you had an orgasm. After climax, your body relaxed into the bed (or couch, or wall). Your breathing slowed, and your mind was quiet. Maybe you drifted off to sleep. But what if, instead of chasing that orgasm, you could use your burst of sexual energy to reach personal, creative, or professional goals? That's the idea behind sexual transmutation.

Orgasms flood our bodies with endorphins, and our energy and motivation decrease. That's great if your goal is to get a good night's sleep, but what if you could harness your desire for an orgasm into making progress on writing that essay or finishing that painting you’ve been working on? The principle of sexual transmutation says that’s entirely possible.

Those who espouse the benefits of sexual transmutation claim it can help channel sexual energy toward your goals, lead to an accumulation of riches, and improve health and wellness. If you're curious about how sexual transmutation might help you achieve some of your goals or boost your energy in other areas, we're here to help. We've developed this guide to sex energy transmutation to help you define sexual transmutation for yourself and integrate it into your life as you wish.

What is sexual transmutation?

Sexual transmutation involves taking your sexual energy and transforming it into another form of energy with the goal of increasing success. Rather than deny sexual desire, sexual transmutation asks you to acknowledge it, harness it, and use it to enrich your creative, economic, or personal endeavors.

Sexual energy originates in our root and sacral chakras and is part of our natural life force. It fuels all other body areas thanks to a spiraling highway of energy called kundalini. Kundalini connects your chakras from root to crown. Sexual transmutation dictates that if you use all of your sexual energy for physical, sexual acts, you will have less energy flowing through the rest of your life.

Some proponents of sexual transmutation argue that you have to refrain from sexual activity to achieve the state of mind necessary for success. In contrast, others say that sexual expression is essential to unlocking your spiritual energy.

The idea of sexual transmutation as a pathway to material success is often credited to Napoleon Hill, who included an entire chapter on sexual transmutation as the key to success in “Think and Grow Rich.” The book was written in 1937, and the chapter focuses on men as the beneficiaries of sexual transmutation.

The argument for sexual transmutation is that the relaxation we experience after sex reduces our drive for creative and personal success. People who practice sexual transmutation use willpower to shift their mental focus from the physical expression of sexual energy to other thoughts.

Since we know that people of all genders possess sexual energy and are capable of success (obviously), let’s look at some other sources for more information about the conversion of sex energy.

Ancient cultures recognized that sexual desire is the basis for all life and energy. Sexual energy practices from Taoist traditions propose that while orgasm is depleting for men, it has the opposite effect for women who experience greater energy after orgasm.

Tantra, an ancient Hindu practice, posits that harnessing sexual energy can connect you with the divine and transform you to a higher level of being.

What are the benefits of sex transmutation?

While the goal of sexual transmutation is an increase in creative energy, it can also improve your overall well-being. Successful people who engage in sexual transmutation say that it can improve your:

  • Physical energy and motivation

  • Mental clarity

  • Physical health

  • Self-awareness and ability to reflect

  • Confidence

  • Creativity and problem-solving ability

  • Spiritual connection and connection to your body

You may read this and eagerly jump on a 30-day celibacy journey to see if sexual transmutation helps you harness your energy for use in other ways. Or, you may think the idea of abstaining from sexual activity to fuel your personal or professional development sounds like as much fun as a root canal. Let’s explore further!

Does sexual energy transmutation mean I have to be celibate?

Some people who practice sexual transmutation are celibate, but it certainly isn't a requirement. Transmutation is about embracing and using your sex drive, not denying it.

If sexual transmutation sounds like something you want to try, consider starting with a seven-day break from sexual activity to see how you feel. You may need to engage in meditation practices to refocus your mind on your goal when sexual urges arise (because they will). If you feel happier and have more energy after seven days, abstaining (even for brief periods) might be the right way to use sexual transmutation in your life.

For some people, abstaining from sexual contact entirely causes them to feel edgy, irritated, or down. If you experience negative emotions after seven days of abstinence, a gentler form of sexual transmutation might be beneficial. Rather than abstaining from sexual activity, try using it to send energy toward your goals.

Let's say your goal is to finish writing a book. When you feel a buildup of sexual energy inside you, visualize finishing your book and set an intention before masturbating. As you climax, bring that goal into focus again. You can, of course, do this during partnered sex too, but you may want to tell your partner ahead of time in case you shout "finish that book!" as you orgasm.

Others find tantric sex or edging to be a better way to transmute sexual energy. Rather than abstain from sexual activity, you masturbate or engage in partnered sexual activities right up to the edge of orgasm but without going over. Without the release of orgasm, dopamine doesn’t take over your brain, and you may have the energy to do a workout instead of taking a post-coital nap.

Some people practice NoFap, or complete abstinence from porn and masturbation as a form of sexual transmutation. They may still engage in partnered sex activities. The NoFap movement is somewhat controversial since some support groups use shaming to persuade people that masturbation is unhealthy for them. As long as people make healthy choices without shame and guilt, we're happy for them to channel their sexuality however they wish.

What is the link between sexual energy and creative energy?

Creative energy is the stuff that fuels our world's most incredible advancements. It's the energy that allows entrepreneurs to create new companies, inventors to solve the world’s problems in new ways, and artists to create work that moves us.

To convert your sexual energy to creative energy, you first have to become aware of sexual energy flowing into your body. Meditation or exercise can help you get in tune with your body so you can recognize sex energy.

If you want to practice recognizing when sexual energy flows through your body, it may help to listen to some erotic audio to get yourself going. Then, instead of grabbing your favorite toy and enjoying a self-pleasure session, close your eyes and focus on the sensations as sexual energy moves through your body. Are your palms warm? Does your breathing change? Is your mind clear or cluttered?

When you feel the flow of sexual energy, don't rush toward physical release. Instead, identify your creative goal. It may help to write down your goal or create a visual display of it. Then, you can visualize your goal using all of your senses. Imagine yourself achieving that goal, and pay attention to the positive emotions that flood your mind. Once you’ve visualized your goal, it’s time to get to work.

Stir up sexual energy anytime you want a mental boost

The bodily sensations sexual energy causes will differ for everyone, so paying attention to what happens in your body is essential. If you'd like some help igniting some sexual energy, try listening to Harmony, a story of two women experiencing the flow of creative and sexual energy.

If you need more inspiration, try the Upstate series where Caleb and Leah get swept up in a romance they never expected. Then, you can choose to harness that energy and use it to crush your goals or enjoy the physical expression of your sexuality. It's up to you how you use and enjoy your sexual energy!

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