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Since our launch in 2018, Dipsea has been focused on helping women tap into their sexuality more easily, all through the power of storytelling. The world hasn’t stopped changing, and Dipsea hasn’t stopped evolving. We’re telling the best stories in the world about relationships, sex, and intimacy. We’ve released a dozen new formats and 10Xed our library since launch.

As we grow into the company that was just a twinkle in our eyes a few short years ago, we want to make sure our brand look and feel continues to reflect our vision. That’s why we’re very excited to unveil the new branding that our team has been working on behind the scenes for months.

Where We Started

We’ve always worked hard to make sure that the Dipsea experience is simple, beautiful, and considered. The Dipsea app is design-forward on purpose. In the same way we believe that women should feel empowered to talk openly about their sexuality, we wanted our app to be something that felt made for them, and that they would be proud of. Something they could pull up on their phones and say, with confidence, check this out…this app is beautiful, it was created by women, and it’s how I get turned on and explore what it is I really want.

Our signature visual design was feminine, elegant, curvy, and also ahead of the curve. It represented a brand all about women’s sexuality without any of the pink and black clichés people expected to see. It made people stop and pay attention to a space they’d always ignored, or written off as taboo. It was a radical First Act, and one we knew would be important to do right by with Act Two.

Where We’re Going

Our updated branding doesn’t change the DNA of Dipsea, but it does change our expression— and gives us the room we need to grow into a truly mainstream brand. If you poke around our website or open the Dipsea app, you’ll notice that a few things have changed. Here’s what’s new in the Dipseaverse.

Our curvy new logomark

Our previous logo was bold and direct—kind of like us. Our new logomark is more about you. It points inwards to express the idea of it all starting with you, and illuminating the parts of yourself that you’ve either lost touch with or have yet to discover. It also gives a subtle nod to the shape of an ear and the intimacy of listening. What can we say, we love layers.


We’ve given a fresh coat of paint to our apps and website

The gorgeous dusk and dawn gradients you’ll see everywhere are evocative of dusk, twilight, and dawn hours: the times Dipsea finds its way onto our listeners’ pillows and nightstand. The pops of orange represent the idea of lighting yourself up. Which brings us to…

Our new tagline

“Listen, light yourself up.” This phrase embodies our belief that it is a radical and freeing realization that the answers to your own pleasure are already inside you. Our storytelling is a door to that inner world—letting you feel more. More in touch with your body, more connected to your partner, more flirtatious before a date, and the most like yourself.


All sorts of other visual goodies.

For all the design minds out there, you’ll spot new typography, colors, and a ton of new visual elements we love, and that better showcase who we are and the imaginative world of our story universe.

When we launched Dipsea in 2018, our Co-Founder and President Gina wrote this for our blog:

To us, Dipsea stories are more than 15 minutes of fun—they’re a catalyst for what happens afterward. Maybe that means feeling more alive, more in touch with yourself. Or more intimate or explorative with a partner. Maybe it means heading out the door feeling empowered, sexy, and confident. That’s the real power of nurturing the sexual being inside all of us.

Four years later, we’re proud that this is still wonderfully, meaningfully, deeply true. Dipsea has become the sexiest storytelling experience in the world, and remains a powerful way to access what’s already inside of you, just waiting to be nurtured and let out.

We hope you love our new look and feel. But even more than that, we hope that you listen, and that you light yourself up.

See you in the Dipseaverse.

xx, Dipsea

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