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I didn't know what I was expecting to find in Paris, but when Camille and Lucas called me over to them from across the bar I was glad I was there. When the three of us ended up at Camille's apartment, I never wanted my trip to end.
Camille and Lucas from "Wanderlust" are hungry for you. Lay back while they take the lead.
I thought matching with Yara was a friendly thing. Then she invited me hiking, and I wasn't so sure anymore. When we found ourselves alone by the river, it was clear there was more to it...
Lev's room at the residency is next to her new instructor, Cecelia. After their first class, Lev can't stop fantasizing about Cecelia joining her in bed. Will she?
The critiques Lev's been getting from Cecelia feel charged, and when Lev returns to the studio after class, she learns why. Unable to resist, she returns early the next morning and what she finds stops her in her tracks.
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Ch. 3 | The Figure
10 min
Lev and Cecelia have gotten comfortable. Maybe a little too comfortable. Will an outside threat pull them apart or bring them even closer? Caught in a storm together, Lev is waiting to find out...
Lev's time at the residency is almost up, but Cecelia isn't ready to let her go. She thought things had to end, but a new revelation has Cecelia feeling bold, so she leads Lev under the pier and...
Cecelia sketches as a warm summer storm passes through. Drift off, listening to her draw as the waves lap against the coast and rain falls.
You’re working late in the studio and Cecelia from "The Figure" comes to oversee your work. When she sits behind you to show you how it's done, she’s in the mood to control more than your hands...
Your french tutor is working alone when she has a daydream about you and she can't help but touch herself.
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