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At a yoga retreat in the woods, Mark from "Hot Vinyasa" wants to help you get a deep night’s sleep. Start by breathing together. He’ll finish up his practice nearby as the fireplace burns.
No one looks good in a chef's hat and chef's whites. It's just a fact. But I guess this guy operates outside the rules? I try to focus on the pile of carrots in front of me, but it's not easy.
He starts playfully walking his fingers up and down my arm. I want to take my hands off the keys, but I’m already addicted to this game. He tilts his head to whisper in my ear, his dark stubble brushing up against my neck.
Laura joins a new yoga studio and finds herself in a class run by Mark, a former-marine-turned-yoga-teacher. One night, Laura is the only student that shows up to class, and gets Mark’s full attention.
I only meant to be five minutes late. Five minutes late shows that you’re casual, in control. Twenty minutes late and you start to worry about the guy leaving the restaurant before you get there...
We keep joking about this being a first date it? Or are we more in one night stand territory? I'm starting to suspect that she's my dream girl, so I hope I get to stay.
After Laura and Mark hook up, she wonders if she can ever go back to her favorite studio. But a few days later when she’s desperate for a good workout, she decides to take her chances and return to class.
After they hook up, yoga instructor Mark isn't sure if Laura will ever come back to class. He's excited when she does, but struggles to center his mind.
Mark’s leading a yoga retreat upstate, so Laura and Diego tag along. When Mark and Laura sneak away from the studio, sparks fly between Diego and a fellow yogi.
Nate’s a classic Libra, he’s always playing matchmaker and laying on the charm. So when he throws a party, it’s no surprise that he sets up Lizzy and Char.
When Jordan's flight gets canceled the night before Thanksgiving, he heads back to his apartment for a night of TV and takeout. But his roommate Ines has a better idea...
Stretch it out with Mark from “Hot Vinyasa”. You’ll imagine yourself in a million new positions as he whispers his fantasies into your ear.
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Ch. 3 | Self Touch
14 min
Wanna level up your masturbation technique? Let our sexy narrator guide you through an exercise in edging. You’ll use your vibrator and he'll help you control the rhythm and pace of your orgasm instead of rushing through.
I wasn’t sure about getting on dating apps. Corny quotes and sending emojis to strangers isn't really my thing….but when I matched with Aviva, I had to rethink my stance.
Grab a few ice cubes, lie back, and let our narrator guide you through an exploration of your body using your senses. You’ll tune in to what makes you feel good, and dive into the sensations that turn you on.
Let Mark from "Hot Vinyasa" whisper his fantasy in your ear. He's been thinking about the night you spent in his studio and can't wait to relive it, moment by moment.
There's a sexy masseuse on a private beach and he's waiting just for you. Close your eyes, relax, and let him give you the touch you deserve.
I couldn't get Aviva out of my head, so I asked her out again. After we ended up in the restaurant bathroom together, it was clear the feeling was mutual.
Sometimes you have to shutdown your emotions to get through stressful situations, but those walls can stay up past when you need them. In this session, Mark guides you through a simple breathing exercise to help you get back to an emotional balance.
We all get stuck on things. Our brains loop on situations trying to solve it in our minds, but emotions are stored in the body too. In this session, Mark guides you in a movement exercise designed to shake off whatever you're stuck on.
We all go on autopilot sometimes, but when you check out you lose out on the pleasure of small moments. In this session, Mark guides you through a quick exercise designed to reconnect you with your senses and ground you back in the present moment.
Stretching doesn’t have to be about getting super fit or flexible, it can simply be a way of saying “good morning” or “goodnight” to your body. In this session, Mark will guide you through a short series of stretches you can use to check in with your body.
It can feel like life piles on more right when you are at your limit. But even when things are stressful, it’s important to find time to release your responsibilities. In this session, Mark creates a safe space for you to relax and let go.
Negative thinking can be like a web, the more you try to think yourself out of it the deeper you get. In this session, Mark helps you stop the negativity spiral by guiding you out of your head and back into your body with some soothing self touch.
Stress isn’t just in your head, it shows up in your body too. In this session, Mark guides you through a quick exercise designed to help you identify and release areas where you’re holding stress and tension.
Join Mark from “Hot Vinyasa” in his studio for a private session. He warms you up, then stretches you past your limits.
Mark from "Hot Vinyasa" wants to treat you to a spa night at home. He sets up a massage table and rubs your back as music plays and you wind down.
When I saw Evan flirting with Aviva at her party, it sparked something uncontrollable in me. By the time I got her alone, all bets were off...
Aviva and I decided to date other people to keep things casual. But when she showed up at my place after a date, I knew I wanted her all to myself.
Dave from "On the Apps" is usually cool and collected, but there's something about you that brings out his wild side.
It’s raining outside and you’re cozied up in a warm loft with Dave from “On the Apps.” He finishes tidying up while you and your city go to sleep.
Enjoy a meandering journey from golden hour to dusk on a warm sliver of beach. Doze off as your guide tells of the plants and animals that live by the sandy shore.
I was working late at the office when Aviva texted. "Come meet me in the elevator." I did as she said. The doors had barely closed behind us before we were all over each other.
You're on the phone with Dave from "On the Apps." You were teasing him while he was at work, and he couldn't take it anymore. He found a private room and called you right away to tell you exactly what he'd do to you if you were with him.
Aviva takes Dave shopping, and it's not what he expected. She leads him to the dressing room, and he gets down on his knees. Dave tries to keep her quiet, but Aviva's never been one to hold it in.
You're in the elevator with Dave from "On the Apps." He's working late, but he couldn't resist calling you, you were so close. He can't wait to get back to his office either...
Aviva invites Dave to see a show in the park, but when Aviva’s ex shows up, Dave gets heated. During intermission, Dave pulls Aviva into a wooded area of the park and shows her just how much he wants her.
Your boss knows he shouldn't be thinking of you, but he can't help it. When he has a moment alone, he fantasizes about you in his office.
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