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Lights Out
Ch. 1 | Lights Out
12 min
We’ve been so close for so long now. I’ve always thought of him as a friend. But now he's crashing on my couch. And we're reminiscing. And, oh man, am I falling for him?
What if we…skipped our dinner plans? There’s something new I want to try with you and I can’t wait any longer.
I was dating someone else, so I thought I was over Sasha. But seeing her at the wedding made me question myself. What did I really want?
I was surprised when DeAndre offered to help me move — he’d always been the most elusive friend in the group. Packing up boxes together, he seemed to notice my every move. When I leaned hard against my crutches, he slid closer to me without making a big deal of it. I didn’t mind that he was watching me…I liked it.
Mateo and Jada book a hotel room once a month to reconnect. But behind closed doors, they go way beyond romance. Listen in as they tap into their inner dominant and submissive sides: Mateo can't wait to tie Jada up, and she loves when he talks dirty.
After a long day of decision making, Jada is ready to let go of control. And Mateo has the perfect surprise–a blindfold and ball gag. Listen in as he shows her his dominant side and gives her exactly what she wants.
Ride out a thunderstorm with Jason from “Lights Out”. He’ll light a few candles, make it cozy, and tell you exactly how he wants to touch you.
Jada and Mateo return to the hotel, this time for an intense role play session. At Jada's request, Mateo takes the role of a therapist – with a bit of a sadistic side. Listen in as he analyzes, degrades, and punishes her just the way she wants.
Back at the hotel, Jada wants Mateo to pretend to be a stranger, a rough stranger. They meet at the bar but quickly find themselves upstairs where there are only two rules: No names, and no holding back.
Mateo from “Behind Closed Doors” got your hotel room upgraded to a suite, but just because he’s nice doesn’t mean he’s gonna be gentle. He’s in control now. Can you handle it?
Jada and Mateo met Luke at a party and decided he should join them for one of their hotel rendezvous. He shows up with a surprise and ready to play.
It’s late, but Mateo from “Behind Closed Doors” is still in the kitchen. He chops and sautés softly while you fall asleep nearby listening to the rain fall.
Jada and Mateo are ready to take things to the next level with you. Grab a blindfold and lie back, they're in control now...
Mateo from “Behind Closed Doors” wants to role play. Step into his office as he plays the therapist and you play the patient.
Mateo is out of town, but he can't stop thinking about you. Lie back and do exactly as he says as he guides you through exactly how he wants you to touch yourself.
Lexi has known Jada and Mateo for forever, but tonight they're about to get much, much closer. After a power outage keeps them from a party, they decide to play truth or dare to pass the time. In the dark, Lexi picks dare and hopes she can handle what they have in store...
Red's never done anything like this before, but she feels like a new person in costume. When she comes across the Wolf, he asks her to dominate him, and she agrees...
You're on the phone with the Wolf from "Taming the Wolf," and he's been a bad boy. He wants to be punished, and he wants to please you, and he'll do whatever you say...
Mateo, Jada, and Lexi discover that sometimes the best way to enjoy a scary movie is by focusing on your company and ignoring the movie completely...
Lexi hasn’t seen Jada and Mateo since the night they hooked up, but now they're all on a trip upstate together. When everyone else is asleep and the fire’s low, they sneak away together and...
You're on the table while Mateo from "Behind Closed Doors" roleplays as your masseuse. As he rubs you down, things get more intense—you've never had a massage like this before.
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