Them + You

Listen History
4 chapters
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Jay: Under the Redwoods
9 min | 25,837 plays
You’re on a blanket under the redwoods with Jay from “Plus One.” They love having you all to themself and can’t wait to worship every inch of you in the afternoon light.
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Jordan: Beg for It
9 min | 11,976 plays
You're in bed with Jordan from "On the Market," and they're ready to make you beg for it. Lay on your stomach and close your eyes because they're in control.
You're in the park under the stars with Jordan from "On the Market." They've been dreaming about bringing you here, and now that they have you, they're going to make you feel oh so good.
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El: In the Mirror
7 min | 7,676 plays
El from “Tailormade" has a dream that you show up in their studio. They undress you in front of the mirror and tease you until you can't take it anymore.
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