Dipsea launches its web app

Gina Gutierrez and Faye Keegan|2020.01.31

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Ready to take your next solo sesh to a whole new level? That's what Dipsea is for.

Dipsea is an app for Sexy Stories, Sleep Scenes, and Wellness Sessions designed to turn you on and then tuck you in. You can download Dipsea from the App Store, Google Play Store, or listen online.

When we first launched Dipsea in December 2018, it was with a mobile app. Starting out that way made a lot of sense. We loved the idea of a curated place in your pocket, a sea of stories you could dip into whenever and wherever you wanted.

In the beginning, Dipsea stories were more flirtatiously sexy than explicit. We imagined people listening on the bus ride home as easily as they might before a date, or at bedtime. We thought of listening more like a way to enter a sensual state of mind – like foreplay for your brain. But more and more users started telling us that they loved the sensual scenes as much as they loved the story build up. Dipsea stories started to evolve. The sex scenes became longer. Partners having sex in our stories were communicative, their pleasure sounded un-performative, and their interactions felt real. Because no one else was portraying sex quite like that, listeners were really excited by it. As a content studio, we began to really hit our stride.

More at-home, in-bed listening

Naturally as Dipsea stories became more explicit, bus ride listening started to decline (although some of you are still out there and that rules. Power to you!). And bedtime listening went up! 9PM-1AM is Dipsea primetime in any given timezone. This was our first hint that a web app could be a great new way for listeners to access Dipsea content. By being accessible on any browser, we could empower listeners to transition out of work brain by simply closing their email and switching over to Dipsea right from their laptops. Plenty of users told us they brought their computers or iPads to bed, so a web listening experience would make a lot of sense for them. We also heard something from listeners that really surprised us...

Headphone free listening

Over the course of several subscriber surveys, more than 60% of you said that you listen to Dipsea out loud. We heard from people that, whether they were under their duvets alone or with their partners, many liked to listen to Dipsea without any headphones at all. We thought that was pretty cool, and another strong indication that a web app would be a great new experience for our users.

Platform freedom

Then in October of 2019, Dipsea was removed from the Google Play Store. It was an illuminating moment for us: even though society has made so much progress becoming more comfortable with the idea of healthy sexuality as an aspect of wellness, sexuality—particularly as it relates to women—is still deeply misunderstood. Dipsea has received an overwhelmingly positive response from our listeners and from the mainstream media, but the truth is that we were still beholden to a big platform to provide access to Android-using customers.

While we believe we’ll be able to cooperate with Google in the long term, we decided to take matters into our own hands and build our own platform.

The Dipsea Web App

For the past three months, the Dipsea product team has worked tirelessly to translate our mobile app experience to your browsers. You’ll now be able to access stories and sessions from any mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. It’s a whole new way to listen to Dipsea and a huge win in our quest to make our stories accessible to as many users as possible. It also means we can invite Android users back into the Dipseaverse. It’s an exciting day!

To those of you who have been waiting to listen, we’re grateful for your patience. And to those of you who have followed along, sent your heartfelt testimonials (, and believed in our mission to help people tap into their sexuality on their own terms and feel more empowered in their lives—THANK YOU!

Check out our new web app here!

Much love, Team Dipsea

Listen, light yourself up.

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