More with the Narrator who voices Rowan

Professor James from "Lecture Me" has a couple notes left to finish. He’ll tuck you in on his comfy couch and put another log on the fire as the rain falls against the roof.
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Running Wild
Ch. 2 | Cowboys
12 min
She headed back into the barn, making a big fuss of draping her arm over Arlo’s shoulder. I knew she was trying to make me jealous…and it was working.
We talked for what felt like hours as the bonfire burned in the distance. He must’ve been a lot younger than me, but he drew me in, wrapping me in his stories.
I went back to his office hours the next week. And the week after that. He was unlike any professor I’d ever had and I couldn’t stop thinking about him…
I'd seen William in movies, but in person he was even more captivating. So when he gave me a ticket to his show, I didn’t ask for a second one. I didn’t tell him I had a boyfriend…I didn't want him to know.
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Be Gentle
Ch. 1 | Firsts
9 min
He must’ve known it was my first time. Because he kissed me soft. Kinda lightly. Like I might be a little scared....I'll tell you the whole story. But why don't you lay your head down on my chest? I want to feel you close to me.
Lie back and stargaze with Lee from “Cowboys”. He’ll tell you a story that turns from dreamy to sexy as you snuggle up in the bed of his pickup truck.
I gripped the window pane with my fingertips and peered just an inch beyond it. Down below by the pool, Chris and Nick were locked in an embrace, staring at each other with an intensity that felt private…but I couldn’t look away.
Nick brushed his fingers against Chris's chest, going so slow it was clear he was making a performance of it. Like somehow he knew I’d imagined this so clearly only hours before.
I hadn’t seen Jordan in years, but I never stopped thinking about him. So when I moved back to my hometown, I knew it was my chance to finally make it happen. The fiery Aries in me wanted to suggest we play our old game…but he beat me to it.
Sneak into class with Professor James from “Lecture Me”. And listen to his fantasy, where he shows you off to all his students…
Jane caught me off guard when she snuck into my lecture again, but I was more than ready to play her game.
When Sebastian invited me to his costume party I had a feeling things might get a little... wild. So, when the stranger who'd been watching us all night walked in on us in a private room, I decided it was time to see just how far I could take it.
Hang out after the party with Sebastian and Benj from "Leather & Lace". They know you want it rough and are ready to take it to the next level.
I’d been going to the same lake house for years. It was my private little getaway, just me and the water and the sun – until this trip. He caught my eye while he was cutting the grass, and then he left a little surprise on my doorstep. When we finally ran into each other down by the water, I couldn’t resist.
We’d agreed to keep our relationship a secret. So when James invited me to his lecture I was surprised. But when I arrived, the lecture hall was empty…and he was waiting for me.
James wasn’t the jealous type. But when a visiting professor showed me attention at a dinner party, his competitive edge came out. He was usually so calm and clear minded, it turned me on to see him get all riled up.
Nat from "August Heat" noticed you noticing him down by the lake and he just couldn't resist. Join him by the water while he tells you just what he's been fantasizing about.
Nick and Chris from "Mykonos I & II" can't keep their hands off you while the waves crash in the distance and your bodies tangle in the sheets.
James from "Lecture Me" had a dream about you sneaking into his office. Even when he's sleeping you've been driving him wild.
Even though it was Nat's day off, he still wanted to work for it. So, instead of fighting the urge, I laid back and let him explore my body... twice.
Sebastian led the stranger and I down the hall. I didn’t ask questions — I was ready for anything. All I could think about was being between them again. And this time I was going to push myself further…I wanted to try taking both of them at once.
Sebastian and Benj from "Leather & Lace" are ready for more. A lot more. They want to tie you up and take turns. Can you handle it?
I spent most of my time in our hotel room while James was lecturing at the conference. I didn't mind the alone time, but I thought I'd have a little fun teasing him while I knew he was in session. I thought he'd gotten tired of my texts, but then suddenly he was there, undressing me on the balcony...
After you surprised James in class, you show up at his apartment. Now that he has you alone, he tells you exactly what he wanted to do to you when he saw you in the front row, how he wanted to punish and please you at the same time...
Get comfy and let your eyelids get heavy on a gently lumbering train as your companion describes the passing scenery of rolling hills, alpine forest, and open sky.
Sebastian and Benj from "Leather & Lace" find you waiting for them in the dungeon. They want this to last a while, so they take things nice and slow, but that doesn't mean that they'll be gentle...
It's time for Benj's side of the story from "Leather & Lace I." He was in a bit of a mood when he got to Sebastian's party, but a new feeling washed over him when he saw Jackie. He followed her and Sebastian downstairs, waiting for his moment to join in...
James was usually in control, but now it was my turn to take the lead. When he came back to his office, I was sitting in his chair. After I bound his wrists, I teased him until he begged for it. I could get used to this...
You're on vacation with James from "Lecture Me." On the hotel balcony in the warm sun, he can't keep his hands off you, and he doesn't care who sees.
It's your first time spending the night with Sebastian & Benj from 'Leather & Lace,' and they're ready to make it a night you'll never forget. First, they blindfold you and tie you to the bed. Next, well, there's only one way to find out...
Jane's in the library trying to write, but she can't stop thinking about James when suddenly, there he is. She's exhausted, but he has an idea about how to get her energy back up...
You’re in the lecture hall with James from "Lecture Me." It's after hours, and he decides to act out some fantasies he’s been having about you during class...
When Sebastian invites Jackie to his summer house, she’s not sure what he has in store. When they arrive, they quickly find their way into the bath and are joined by a familiar stranger…
Jackie and Benj wake up hot and bothered in bed while Sebastian sleeps next to them. They try to keep it down, but can't control themselves, which means Jackie has to be punished...
Sebastian suggests that the three of them go sailing, so Jackie heads down to the boathouse to help Benj. However, being around all of those ropes gives Benj some ideas, and when Sebastian walks in on them, he decides to join in the fun.
You're in the car with James from "Lecture Me," and it's raining. He pulls over because of the downpour but also because he just can't resist you.
You’re on a secluded beach with Sebastian and Benj from “Leather and Lace.” They shower you with attention, worshiping your body. Since no one's around, you can make as much noise as you like.
When Jane runs into James at a college bar with friends, she tries to stay composed. But when he starts covertly flirting with her, the privacy of the bar’s photo booth starts looking pretty inviting…
James from “Lecture Me” can’t get you off his mind as he grades papers in his office late at night. He calls to tell you how much he misses you and what he would do if you were there with him.
Seb and Benj from “Leather and Lace” invite you to a beach house for a rainy weekend. And after you all take a lazy bath together, things get much more intense in the bedroom.
In the days leading up to her presentation at Cambridge, Jane is hard at work practicing her delivery and won’t let anything distract her. But when James shows up to support her, she finds it nearly impossible to focus…
Jackie returns to a sex party with Sebastian and the stranger, but this time she wants everyone to see what they do to her…
James from "Lecture Me" stumbles upon you working in the library. You’re trying to focus, but he finds a clever way to give you the study break you deserve.
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Play Along
Ch. 10 | Lecture Me
13 min
Jane is relaxing on the Cambridge campus after giving her research presentation. When James finds her on the picnic blanket, they find a perfect way to de-stress.
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Study Break
Ch. 11 | Lecture Me
10 min
James is determined to finish up some work in Cambridge, but when Jane starts purposefully distracting him he can't help but play along.
James from “Lecture Me” invites you to his house, and he’s just bought a new vibrator for you to try out together.
James from “Lecture Me” wants to try something new with you… He’s going to tell you exactly how to touch yourself and all you have to do is close your eyes, listen to the sound of his voice, and do exactly as he says.
James from "Lecture Me" wants to focus on your pleasure. He talks you through a new masturbation technique and all you have to do is follow along.
James from "Lecture Me" wants to slow things way down. He guides you through an exercise in edging using your vibrator.
James from “Lecture Me” wants to try out something a little different. He guides you in a style of touch called “tapping” that he knows will turn you on.
James from "Lecture Me" wants to try something new with you. He instructs you on how to stimulate your g-spot and guides you towards pleasure.
James from "Lecture Me" wants to explore your erogenous zones. He instructs you on touching your nipples and guides you towards orgasm.
James from "Lecture Me" wants to switch positions. He guides you through a masturbation technique, where you lay on your stomach instead of your back.
When James sees Jane out on what he thinks is a date, his jealousy spikes. But when they meet on the secluded restaurant patio, they find a way to work it out.
James from "Lecture Me" can't stop thinking about you. So he goes to his office after class and makes sure the door is locked behind him...
It’s the night before The Gleaning begins and all the competitors are gathered in the royal banquet hall, drinking fairy mead and reveling in what could be their last night alive. When Rowan spots you, a human, stealing a dagger from Orion he’s alarmed… and begrudgingly impressed. He must satisfy his curiosity: what has brought you to the deadliest game in all of Aurora? He follows you out into the courtyard and the heated confrontation quickly turns into something else entirely.
When the clock strikes midnight, and The Gleaning begins, all hell breaks loose. You and Rowan, caught in the crosshairs, form an unlikely alliance between human huntress and fae prince. He needs to sleep before the first competition starts and you have a very creative idea on how you might both be able to settle down…
The first challenge of The Gleaning has finally arrived. Each competitor is tasked with finding a golden amulet in Dreadmourne Grove, but there’s not enough for everyone. Thus, what begins as a game quickly turns into a deadly battle. The alliance between you and Rowan is put to the test—can you trust one another with your lives? And when you have to share a shelter for the night, you're forced to grapple with your differences, secrets, and the growing attraction between you.
You and Rowan awake after sharing the same bed, but gone is the passion from the night before—you must now focus on the dangerous task at hand. You both still require an amulet to move forward into the next round of the competition. So together you journey into the bog, intent to find a creature that Rowan suspects will have what you need.
The first challenge of The Gleaning has come to a close, but danger still lurks around every corner. Upon return to the castle, Rowan receives an ominous warning from his father: end your alliance with the human or there will be consequences. But in the alluring blue light of The Opening Fire ceremony, he can’t seem to stay away from you.
The next challenge is mere days away and Rowan is summoned to see his father. He tells the fae prince that in the next game each competitor will battle a magical creature of the game-makers choosing. He offers to tell Rowan what creature he will battle if he promises to end any and all relations with the human, but Rowan does not accept: he’s tired of his father’s cruel games of control. He storms off indignant, but secretly he harbors a great fear that without magic you won’t be able to survive this next challenge. The stakes have never been higher and his feelings have never been deeper…
Sebastian and Benj have invited you over for another night of intense pleasure. There's only one rule: no talking tonight.
Sebastian & Benj from “Leather and Lace” bring you to a party where anything goes. They want to show you off, and bring what you do in private out into the open…
James from "Lecture Me" wants you to watch yourself as you masturbate. You stand in front of a mirror, watching yourself, as he gently doms you through an experience of self touch.
James from "Lecture Me" had a dream that you were together in the library. And when he wakes up to tell you about it, he gets turned on at the memory of going down on you and wants to do it again.
Following another remarkable performance in The Gleaning, Rowan becomes increasingly suspicious that you may not be entirely human. Convinced that there's untapped magical potential within you, he persuades Hawthorne to lead both of you to a secluded mountain cabin for training, where you'll be safe from the prying eyes of the royal watch. And after a particularly strenuous day of magical training, you and Rowan sneak away from the cabin for some much-needed one-on-one relaxation…
Following elemental training, your magical abilities strengthen, making you, Rowan, and Hawthorne an even more formidable team. However, such success only triggers The King's determination to expel you from The Gleaning. And when you effortlessly conquer the third challenge, his retaliation is swift—he declares Rowan's impending marriage to the elven princess. The moment of crisis crystallizes Rowan’s feelings for you, but it might be too late for him to act upon them...
The final challenge of The Gleaning has finally arrived and it’s more dangerous than each that came before it: the remaining competitors are tasked with racing dragons. Rowan is concerned that you’ll not survive, but dragons are hardly are not the only danger… as the games begin, The King kidnaps you and Rowan must fight to set you free.
After escaping the Royal Kingdom, you, Rowan, and Hawthorne take refuge in the wintry kingdom of the witches. Your wounds are not fatal, but dangerous, and you’re immediately taken to the healing ward. And from there, Rowan takes you back to your bedchambers to rest. You aren’t used to being taken care of, but Rowan knows just how to tend to you.
It’s been a stressful week, so Sebastian and Benj from “Leather and Lace” want to make tonight all about you… They start with a candlelit massage and then make sure you feel pleasure from every possible angle.
In this extra spicy chapter of "Wings of Winter", indulge in an immersive experience... The fae prince, Rowan, from “Wings of Winter” finds you after battle in the healing tent. He’s angry that you’ve been hurt, but overwhelmed with relief that you’re going to be ok. Overcome with passion, he takes you right there, but he makes you promise to be very very quiet.
James from “Lecture Me” summons you to his office after you send him a sexy text. He’s been tortured by the idea of you all day long and has been planning out just how he’s going to reprimand you.
Your escape from The Gleaning sends whispers of war rippling throughout the realm. The King gathers his allies, intent on retaliating against Rowan and all who stand with him. In response, Araydian suggests leveraging you to form an alliance with the Eastern Elves. Rowan refuses outright, unable to entertain the thought of you in peril once more. Yet when he returns to your bedchamber and relays his decision, your rage at his overprotectiveness flares. In a defiant lesson, you make him surrender all his control to you…
And so the journey begins…You, Rowan, and Hawthorne set out across the snowy tundra to the Kingdom of the Eastern Elves, joined by 12 powerful witch guards. One night on the trail, Hawthorne tells you about her magical bond with her late mate and you begin to wonder about the nature of your own connection with Rowan. And later at camp, you daringly put that bond to the test, sending Rowan telepathic visions without a word. The two of you engage in a blazing exchange of fantasies across your connection, discovering a way to ignite the deep darkness of the frozen night.
You arrive, after a treacherous journey, to The Kingdom of Eastern Elves. The castle is deep under the ice of a frozen lake and you expect to hold court with the king over the possibility of alliance. Instead, you find the hall alight with revelry. And you, Rowan, and Hawthorne get drawn into the party. But when Rowan suspects the king is trying to poison you with a love potion, the night takes a dark turn.
When Rowan’s father sends an army to attack the witch castle, you must return from the Kingdom of Elves with haste. You fly through the night by dragon, and once there, find the palace besieged by a small fan army. Rowan wants to stay together, but you insist on separating for the battle. He faces off with his brother, but right when he’s about to defeat him, he gets word of your injury…
After the brutal battle, Rowan finds you in the healing tent, clinging to life. He refuses to leave your side as you lie deep in an enchanted sleep. In those agonizing moments, Rowan finally recognizes the true depth of his feelings for you. And when you miraculously awaken, he lays bare his profound and undying love.
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