More with the Narrator who voices Juliette

By my third therapy session with Joan, I was tiptoeing around her questions. I didn’t really need her to know about me….I wanted to know about her.
Joan from “The Session” heard you’re into therapist role play and knows you like it rough. Step into her office and play along as she commands and degrades you just the way you want her to.
Waiting in the lobby my mind painted a fantasy I couldn’t shake. We’d agreed to stop seeing one another as patient and therapist. But when she invited me to her office for a conversation, I couldn’t say no.
When Reese receives an invitation from Juliette, she isn't sure what to expect…and then finds herself on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean.
Juliette whisks Reese to Vienna for an evening at the ballet. In their private box seats, Juliette takes charge, making sure the performance isn’t the only thing Reese enjoys about the evening.
Meeting up on a nude beach in Brazil, Juliette pulls Reese into the ocean for some underwater pleasure—just yards away from the other beachgoers
You’re cooling off in the ocean with Juliette from “The Ticket.” She pulls you out into the waves and you hook up dangerously close to shore.
Juliette makes a reservation at an upscale “lights out” restaurant, but she has much more in mind than what’s on the menu.
Juliette from “The Ticket” invites you to meet at her favorite library in London. But only if you can promise to stay quiet.
Juliette sends Reese a plane ticket to Florence with no further instructions. Always game, Reese arrives in Italy ready for art and adventure. When she runs into Juliette in a famous museum, she gets even more than she bargained for.
Juliette sneaks Reese into a famous cathedral in London. Their voices echo in the hallowed halls, so they do their best to stay very, very quiet...
When Juliette invites Reese to a luxury ski resort in Switzerland, Reese is ready to be pampered. But Juliette spends the entire day keeping a flirty distance. By the time they are getting ready for dinner, Reese is begging for Juliette's touch.
Juliette from “The Ticket” invites you to meet her on the idyllic canals of Amsterdam. While the rain falls outside, you go below deck and have a cozy little rendezvous.
Juliette invites Reese to a chateau in Southern France. She’s there for a C-suite executive retreat and pretends Reese is her assistant. Reese has fun playing the part, but when they sneak down to the wine cellar they stop playing it professional.
When Reese touches down in Budapest, she has an invitation from Juliette to come join her at the spa. They meet in a hot tub and then make their way to a sauna for a little more privacy…
When an intruder enters the glade, Artemis sets out to find him alone. But the newly trained warrior, Callisto, wants to join. They argue about the safety of the endeavor, but ultimately journey out together. And when they take shelter at a shrine in the forest and a storm sets in, they are forced to spend the night sleeping in the same bed.
The trespasser continues to narrowly escape, so Artemis and Callisto hatch a new plan: they’ll lure him out by taking a swim in the sacred springs. But during the confrontation, they are nearly thwarted and Callisto is injured. Artemis heals her and the tender moment brings big feelings to the surface for both of them.
Artemis from “Goddess of the Hunt” knows it is against her own oath to fantasize about you. But when she’s overcome with lust, she steals away to a secret shrine so she can think of you in secret.
You stumble upon Artemis and Callisto from “Goddess of the Hunt” but they do not mind the intrusion. They invite you to join them beside the sacred spring and spend the remaining daylight worshiping your body.
Juliette invites Reese to Berghain a club in Berlin infamous for debauchery and unbridled hedonism. The pulsing music and charged atmosphere spur them on, and when they head to the dark room they decide to put on a little show for some eager onlookers.
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