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Isa types on her computer and shuffles papers. You fall asleep listening to her click-clacking slowly and steadily, as the waves rumble off the coast, crickets chirp, and cicadas hum.
While you rest, Theo from "Five Years" tries out a new overnight recipe for tomorrow's party. Drift off to the sounds of the sea while he grills nearby.
As you doze on the porch by the creek, Elliot from “Casanova” plays a soft tune on the guitar. He sways in his rocking chair as you and the forest fall asleep.
Professor James from "Lecture Me" has a couple notes left to finish. He’ll tuck you in on his comfy couch and put another log on the fire as the rain falls against the roof.
Quentin from "Truth or Dare" takes you out on his houseboat. You doze off under the stars, calmed by the gentle waves and the soft sound of Quentin sketching.
Jennifer from "Office Hours" is just finishing up her notes. She tucks you in and puts another log on the fire as the rain tap-taps against the roof.
At a yoga retreat in the woods, Mark from "Hot Vinyasa" wants to help you get a deep night’s sleep. Start by breathing together. He’ll finish up his practice nearby as the fireplace burns.
It’s a quiet night at Caitlin’s flat in Dublin. Rain falls softly, the fire is crackling, and she makes you a warm cup of tea before you drift off to sleep.
As you fall asleep, Killian from "The Local" lights a fire, makes a nightcap, and cleans up his Dublin flat as rain falls outside.
Andrew from “Wanderlust” practices his chess game while you’re both cozy by the library fire. He tucks you in as rain falls gently outside.
Fall asleep under the stars with Jack from “Hometown.” He’s finishing up a sketch while a campfire crackles, the forest hums, and you doze off.
After a full day on the island, Andrés from "Rhythm" wants you to rest. He plays you a sweet melody on guitar as you fall asleep to the sound of waves.
It's a quiet night at Wilder's cabin, deep in the Wyoming woods. He built it with his own two hands, and its one of his favorite places in the world. Far from the pack, peaceful, and quiet. Fall asleep as rain falls softly on the roof, the fire crackles, and Wilder works nearby.
Cozy up by the fire as Charli from "Wild Hearts" plays you to sleep on the guitar. Listen to the cat purr as a summer thunderstorm passes through.
It's a rainy night in the city, and you're cozied up as Ciara from "Swipe Right" tidies up her apartment. You doze off as rain taps the windows.
Freddie from "Secret Rooms" takes you to his private rooftop. You doze off high above the city skyline as the sun sets and Freddie makes a drink and writes nearby.
Relax and let Henry from "Fixer "Upper" do the laundry tonight. He tucks you in and then finishes folding while the washing machine hums and the cat purrs.
It’s raining outside and you’re cozied up in a warm loft with Dave from “On the Apps.” He finishes tidying up while you and your city go to sleep.
Mark from "Hot Vinyasa" wants to treat you to a spa night at home. He sets up a massage table and rubs your back as music plays and you wind down.
It’s late, but Mateo from “Behind Closed Doors” is still in the kitchen. He chops and sautés softly while you fall asleep nearby listening to the rain fall.
Ari from "Les Rebound" invites you to her tucked away rose garden. She makes you a bouquet of flowers as you fall asleep in the warm setting sun.
You've stolen away with Freddie from "Secret Rooms" to a private island. He’ll play a soft melody on the guitar as you drift off to the sound of the waves.
Emmy from "Deep Tissue" knows how busy you've been. She's here to relax your body so you can put your mind to sleep. She rubs your back softly as you doze off.
Louis from "Virgo Season" and "Aquarius Season" loves the faint rays of light in his forest studio. He tucks you in and stays nearby to sketch in their glow as birds sing sweetly.
You spent the day exploring the Irish countryside with Ronan from “Wanderlust”. Lulled by the rain, you drift off as he strums his guitar.
Hades invites you to his kingdom in the Underworld. He tucks you into his grand marble bed and pens a letter to Zeus. The sounds of nearby waterfalls lull you to sleep.
Cecelia sketches as a warm summer storm passes through. Drift off, listening to her draw as the waves lap against the coast and rain falls.
The weather is dark and stormy on the Ainsworth Estate, but inside the barn Ewan has set up a cozy spot in the hayloft. You doze off as rain falls softly on the wooden roof.
You're on a road trip with Wyatt from "Curious," and there's gentle rain falling. You snuggle under a blanket as he drives you safely to your destination.
When Sabrina moves above an Irish pub, she finds it hard to study. And the pub owner, Killian, makes it even more difficult. But when she goes downstairs for a drink one night, she begins to find him more charming than distracting.
In high school, Savannah and Cole were voted “most likely to get married.” But she never imagined they’d actually be together. So when they run into one another at their reunion, she’s surprised to find there’s a spark between them after all.
Emma and I got close dancing on the same K-Pop team. But our conversations were always limited to the studio. So when she invited me over to practice before a big solo, I wasn’t sure what to think. Was she just being friendly? Or was it something more…
After a round of Valentine’s drinks, Andi and Mac crash at a friend's apartment. But as they get ready for bed, they find it hard to keep quiet.
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I’ve done crazy things for a crush before, but getting a tattoo from Ciara was next level. I knew she was a player…but that only made me want her more.
Savannah is back home in the city, but she finds herself missing Cole much more than she expected. So when he calls and says he has a surprise for her, she can’t wait to find out what it is.
On a chilly London night, Gia stands outside Jack's apartment, nervous about their reunion after months apart. Inside, they catch up over wine, the tension between them obvious. Jack shares his latest photography project, including a portrait inspired by Gia. As they discuss his work, their attempt at staying casual crumbles. One touch leads to another, and soon they're tangled on the couch, rediscovering their connection. In the aftermath, Jack snaps a photo of them together - a new memory to add to his collection. But as the night winds down, they're left wondering if this is just a London fling or something more.
Zander comes home from a date, and for the first time in their relationship, Megan's a little jealous. They've always been poly, and this feeling is new, so they explore it together, under the sheets.
After their hookup at the reunion, Savannah and Cole take a walk down memory lane, revisiting places from their past and exploring the spark that’s growing between them.
This time around it's Carla's turn, and Freddie is under her control. He tries to play it cool at first, but now it's his turn to say "mercy."
Usually it's so quiet up here, but tonight the rooftops surrounding us are buzzing with people. I mentally calculate the chances of someone spotting us if I were to make out with Marcus right now, or reach into his shorts.
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12 min
It makes me nervous that I know so much about her, like I’d have to keep track of what I revealed if we got stuck in a conversation. And then, suddenly, it's just us two.
I asked Ev to come to this rope tying class with me just for fun. Now she's tightening a knot around my wrists, and her breath is on my neck, and I'm excited by how into it she is.
Serena's just friends with Molly and Nia, but after a wild conversation they start showing up in her dreams...
I see Sam Rice for the first time in over a decade at a punk show in our hometown. To this day, I've still never told anyone that I had a crush on him in high school.
Watching Willow flirt with strangers was such a turn on for me that we made it into a little game. She’d talk to people at parties and I’d look on, slowly stirring my drink. But that night at the bar, she took our game a step further...
I decided I would be brave, reckless. When I asked her to take a walk with me down the beach, her answer was simple. "Sim, claro."
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13 min
I've fantasized about my friend Layla for months, and now she's standing in my kitchen. The energy between us has a nervous shimmer to it. I want to make her feel incredible, and I think that's exactly why she's here.
We'd broken up four months ago, but I couldn't get Ben out of my head. So I called him and made it clear...this time it would be no strings attached.
Wanna play a game? The only rule is you have to be someone new. If you’re in, meet me at the open house on 83rd and Columbus. Oh...and wear that suit I like.
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