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Emma and I got close dancing on the same K-Pop team. But our conversations were always limited to the studio. So when she invited me over to practice before a big solo, I wasn’t sure what to think. Was she just being friendly? Or was it something more…
I wasn't ready for a relationship yet, so I kept swiping. I almost bailed on Ash, but there was something about her, I had to know more. Kissing her in her apartment, I knew I made the right choice.
I didn't expect to see Megan but a few swipes later, and there she was. After we matched, we decided to skip the small talk and meet up for a drink, and after the drink, we decided to skip talking altogether.
Now that you’re in his arms, Adam is ready to tell you his side of the story. He remembers everything, from the moment you met until that night you showed up on his doorstep. He always knew you were the one.
Kit and Anna have been friends for forever. Usually, they meet up once a week to watch bad TV and chill, but tonight something shifts. What starts as a friendly massage quickly takes their relationship to a whole new level.
We’ve been so close for so long now. I’ve always thought of him as a friend. But now he's crashing on my couch. And we're reminiscing. And, oh man, am I falling for him?
At Jack's fellowship party, Gia gets a taste of his new London life. When Kirsten, a fellow artist, flirts with Jack, Gia's excitement turns to jealousy. Sensing the tension, Jack leads Gia to the back gallery for a private viewing. Surrounded by his work, the intensity of feeling between them crumbles any remaining restraint. Their spicy encounter leaves them breathless, but as the party continues outside, they must confront the reality of their rekindled connection. Gia thought she was ready to leave London behind, but one last night with Jack has her questioning everything.
With each Spring, brings the return of the hunting season... and Charlotte is eager to return to the woods, but her father forbids her. When Willa catches news of this, she decides to go in Willa's place, but is injured while out on the hunt. And once back at the estate, the tending over her wounds turns very tender...
It’s been six long days since Charlotte and Willa first shared a bed, but neither has heard from the other. And in the absence of communication, agitation brews. Unwilling to wait, Willa shows up at the Everly Estate and confronts Charlotte…
When Katie runs into Jesse at the Fourth of July fair in town, she has to play it cool—nobody in her family knows that they're spending time together. When they make a quick escape to his truck, Katie's adrenaline is going, and she can't resist him.
At a summertime barn dance, Katie’s temper flares when her dance partner trash-talks Jesse. She storms outside and Jesse quickly follows her. She can’t stand how ostracized he is by the locals, but Jesse's just happy to be here with her.
When mortals and gods mix, it often ends in peril. Apollo fears his attraction to Hyacinthus might incite the jealousy of the other gods. He vows that he won’t sleep with him again, but when they find themselves on an island alone together, it becomes impossible for him to keep his promise.
Katie and Jesse bump into each other at the bar in town again. But when her cousin shows up, Jesse knows just where they can escape to be alone.
During an intense game of discus throwing, Hyacinthus suffers an injury. Back at the Spartan palace, Apollo runs Hyacinthus a bath and tends to his wounds. The water runs deep and their feelings do too…
Zoe and Adrianne are both invited to a picnic in the park. They’re still keeping their relationship on the down-low from friends, but it’s hard for them to keep their hands off each other. So they take a risk and sneak away to their old favorite spot in the woods before anyone notices.
A quiet Sunday at the library turns into an unexpected meeting when Jack surprises Gia with an early return from London. Nostalgia and desire collide as they reminisce about old fantasies, leading to a very risky encounter among the quiet bookshelves.
It's a summer heat wave, and Katie can’t sleep. But when Jesse shows up outside her window, he has the perfect idea for how they can cool off.
Olive tries to resist seeing Gerard again. But when her house floods, she has no choice but to call him...
Adrianne wasn't planning on staying at the hometown party for long. But when she runs into Zoe, her high school frenemy, the night unfolds in a way she never expected...
Out at a local pub with coworkers, Irene runs into Caitlin. It’s been 8 years since they’ve seen each other last, but it feels like no time has passed. They finally admit their attraction to one another, but there’s only one problem….Irene is dating someone else.
After hooking up for the first time, Irene and Caitlin agree to keep things platonic. But when they go to a reading at a local bookstore together, it’s clear that staying just friends will be much more difficult than they thought.
On a trip to the salvage yard, Gerard and Olive try to keep their relationship discreet. There’s just one problem: they can’t keep their hands off each other.
Friendship blossoms between Charlotte and Willa during their spring painting lessons. Their instructor is ornery and distracted, giving them many stolen moments to laugh and grow closer. Charlotte isn’t convinced that Willa is feeling what she’s feeling until a welcome inconvenience forces them to share a bedroom.
After a hard conversation with Dan, Sam hears a knock on the door—it's Pete. He wanted to check on her, and his thoughtfulness reveals a newfound intimacy between them...
Finally ready to share her poetry at the local open mic, Sparrow has no idea Patrick has slipped into the audience. But when they connect after the reading, he shows her how much he liked what he heard.
After their first hookup, Adrianne isn't sure if she should reach out to Zoe. But then there's a knock on her apartment door...
Elizabeth is perseverating on Oliver’s proposal. On one hand, she knows it is the rational choice and the one most advantageous to her family. But on the other, her affair with Ewan has opened her up to a world of possibility she hadn’t known existed. When she gets marooned at the Ainsworth Estate during a storm, she’s forced to make her decision.
Alyssa invites Will up to her office after a game and they have an intense conversation about their relationship. It’s quickly becoming more complicated and difficult to keep the secret, but at the same time, their feelings for one another are getting deeper. They agree to call it quits, but can they keep the very promise they just made?
At the pre-season kick off party, Will runs into Alyssa, a childhood friend who is now running PR for the very NBA team he was just traded to. Their connection starts out rocky, with unspoken tension and awkward exchanges, but when Will chases after Alyssa on her way out they finally get their chance to have a real conversation. They walk back in the rain to his apartment, and back at his place, he finally gets a chance to ask her if he missed his chance with her all those years ago.
When Irene gets an invite to Caitlin’s house party, she’s conflicted. They still haven’t talked about the elephant in the room: that they are both dating other people. When the party winds down, tensions run high and they can’t avoid the truth any longer.
Jack's fancy London fellowship comes with perks - like borrowing a secret garden for artistic purposes. When Gia shows up early to his photoshoot, she finds Jack setting up an unexpected picnic. As they trade conversation over strawberries and wine, the sexual tension from their past encounters reaches a breaking point. Soon, Gia's sundress becomes an impromptu restraint, and the garden trellis gets more action than it bargained for. But with Gia's flight home looming, their passionate rendezvous is tinged with the bittersweet taste of borrowed time.
When Katie heads over to Jesse’s cabin she isn’t expecting a storm. But the rain comes down hard and she’s soaked by the time she’s at his doorstep. He brings her inside and finds lots of ways to keep her warm.
Aviva takes Dave shopping, and it's not what he expected. She leads him to the dressing room, and he gets down on his knees. Dave tries to keep her quiet, but Aviva's never been one to hold it in.
Apollo and Hyacinthus are spending a long summer afternoon together when Hyacinthus asks Apollo to teach him how to use his golden bow and arrow. They joke and jostle, until a simple touch sets off the attraction they’ve long held back.
The critiques Lev's been getting from Cecelia feel charged, and when Lev returns to the studio after class, she learns why. Unable to resist, she returns early the next morning and what she finds stops her in her tracks.
Will is on a high after an amazing first game of the season and is excited to see Alyssa afterwards, but it’s complicated, they’ve agreed to keep things on the down low especially as they are both settling into their new roles with the team. When his teammate introduces them, Alyssa keeps their secret by pretending not to know Will. And Will, game for anything, plays along. They have a flirty exchange as strangers and then escape from the hotel rooftop to a private room inside.
Kit and Anna play wing woman for each other at the bar but quickly realize they're more turned on watching each other than by any of their prospects. When they step outside for some air, Kit pulls Anna into an alley and...
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Alan and Jessa used to be close. But when a series of promotions goes to his head, the friendship between them calcifies into competition. A weekend away with their company turns up the tension, until it finally bubbles over in the wine cellar.
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When I moved to Seattle, Lisa suggested I hang out with her ex, Jo. We ended up getting super close, super fast. And that night we were alone, we got even closer.
They leaned across the table at Cooper's dinner party last week and told me they were an occultist. I immediately knew I needed a reading. Now I see Sam's name lighting up my phone, and swallow.
I’d been with Ash for a minute, but there was still so much I wanted to try. I knew they’d be down to experiment in the bedroom, but I never expected what it would bring out of us.
I rifled through my backpack, distracted by their presence. An image of us naked together popped into my head and I let the idea linger instead of immediately pushing it away. The memory of that day sticks with me as I make my way over the rocks and roots. We talked for almost an hour, then headed off in different directions at a fork in the trail.
He reaches across the small space between us and takes my hand. I feel a pang in my stomach when I think of how little time we have left together. A few hours?
I walked you to the door, but we only shared a hug goodbye. When I got home I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to call you, text you. I felt like I’d missed a turn I wanted to take.
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I've fantasized about my friend Layla for months, and now she's standing in my kitchen. The energy between us has a nervous shimmer to it. I want to make her feel incredible, and I think that's exactly why she's here.
I switch on the table lamp, stand back. Too bright? No, it looks better. She’ll be home any second, and I’ll be sitting here on the sofa on my phone. I’ll look up slowly when she walks in, as if I haven’t been waiting for her.
I always knew Nat would make it big. She had that star power from the start. Or at least she had a power over me.
No one looks good in a chef's hat and chef's whites. It's just a fact. But I guess this guy operates outside the rules? I try to focus on the pile of carrots in front of me, but it's not easy.
I'd seen William in movies, but in person he was even more captivating. So when he gave me a ticket to his show, I didn’t ask for a second one. I didn’t tell him I had a boyfriend…I didn't want him to know.
Ever since she moved into the building a few months ago, I've been looking for an excuse to hang out with her. I honestly still don't know if I want to be her, or if I want to date her.
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