Dipsea 2020 year in review


When we launched Dipsea in 2018, we knew exactly what we wanted to be: a space where people, particularly women, felt safe to explore pleasure, cultivate intimacy, and connect with themselves. As 2020 progressed, it became clear that pleasure, intimacy, and connection were exactly what the world needed more than ever, and we're thrilled so many of you were able to find it in the Dipseaverse.

So here’s a little look back at Dipsea in 2020. The numbers, the new features, and all the moments we got to share with you.

A year to remember (because it won’t let us forget)

In January of 2020, Dipsea launched its web app! It meant that Dipsea became available to everyone on literally any device with a web browser and an internet connection.

When the world shut down in March, we unlocked all of our Wellness content as a way to support listeners during a particularly uncertain time. As our founders, Gina and Faye, said back in March, pleasure is usually the first thing overlooked in moments of crisis. But pleasure is an important way to self-soothe, reconnect mind and body, and remember that you are worthy of joy. As Wellness listening spiked in the following weeks, it was clear that the message resonated.

Then, as studios closed around the world, our audio team worked tirelessly to help actors record from their homes, keeping our partners working and our listeners listening.

Turning up the volume

Over the course of the year, listenership increased over 80%, culminating in an incredible 37.3 million listening minutes on Dipsea. That’s a whole lot of “oohs” and “ahhs” and “mmms” and “yeaas.”

2020 was the year that Dipsea truly went global. We had listeners tuning in and turning on from all 50 states, and a total of 155 countries. And every place seemed to have their favorite stories.

The folks in Boston had a particular interest in “Lecture Me” (looking at you Ivy Leaguers), while the beach babes in Florida couldn’t get enough of “Salty” (welcome to Margaritaville). In England, people warmed up with “Extra Hot.” And in Australia, people loved “After Hours.” Guess the only thing hotter than the sun Down Under, are the dads.

This year, timing mattered too. It looks like everyone was trying to start their week off right because Sundays were the most popular day listen, while Wednesday failed to live up to it’s Hump Day title.

2020 was also the year that Freddie came out on top. We don’t pick favorites, of course, but you all certainly did, and no character was more sought after.

We weren’t done yet

In July we partnered with podcast company QCODE to sponsor ”Dirty Diana” starring Demi Moore, which was quickly picked up by Amazon Studios to be turned into a TV show.

In October we launched Continuous Play, a whole new way to listen to multiple stories seamlessly, along with some exciting new personalized sections of the app.

As we neared the holidays, we still had one more gift left to give. Sleep by Dipsea went live in December. We created a world of Sleep content because we knew we were already in bed with our listeners. Now you can get turned on and wind down all in one place.

Social butterflies

The next time you’re having a down day, may we suggest checking out Dipsea's Instagram? It’s been amazing watching the sense of curiousity, support, and love that's fostered there. In 2020 our community grew from 40K to 60K to 80K. We're so grateful for each and every one of you! Our most-liked post was about masturbating in front of a mirror, which just felt right. In our most-watched story, our followers shared their top tips for more satisfying hookups, and in our most-commented post people shared their strange turn-ons. You got weird, and we love you for it. Thank you for being vulnerable, and for continuing to help us break down the barriers around pleasure—it’s so beautiful to see.

It wasn’t a surprise that in a year where people spent so much time apart, that Friends Become More, Coworker, and Threesome were the most searched terms in the app. Everyone was missing those little moments of connection: stolen glances, slipping past someone in a tight hallway, eye contact across the bar. The moments that spark a little something in you and make you feel. Just feel! And while nothing may ever compare to IRL butterflies, we’re so happy we could be a little rush of joy for you this year.

So cheers to you—you made it through 2020! Here’s to more pleasure, more rest, more joy, more time to connect with our bodies, and continuing to explore all the ways to make ourselves feel good. We’re only just getting started.

The Dipsea Team

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