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I didn't mean to trip Julie during soccer practice, but I can't say that I was sorry either. When she followed me back to the showers, we both still had some pent-up aggression to get out.
By my third therapy session with Joan, I was tiptoeing around her questions. I didn’t really need her to know about me….I wanted to know about her.
When Lucy hires a handyman to fix her sink, she doesn’t expect Rachel, the charismatic butch woman who shows up at her doorstep. What happens next is even less expected...
The trespasser continues to narrowly escape, so Artemis and Callisto hatch a new plan: they’ll lure him out by taking a swim in the sacred springs. But during the confrontation, they are nearly thwarted and Callisto is injured. Artemis heals her and the tender moment brings big feelings to the surface for both of them.
When an intruder enters the glade, Artemis sets out to find him alone. But the newly trained warrior, Callisto, wants to join. They argue about the safety of the endeavor, but ultimately journey out together. And when they take shelter at a shrine in the forest and a storm sets in, they are forced to spend the night sleeping in the same bed.
When Lucy’s car breaks down, she calls Rachel for help. But first, they can’t resist a quick hookup...
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Inked: Inked
Ch. 1 | Inked
17 min
I’ve done crazy things for a crush before, but getting a tattoo from Ciara was next level. I knew she was a player…but that only made me want her more.
When Rachel invites Lucy to a lesbian dive bar, Lucy eagerly accepts. Watching each other in a new setting, sparks fly between them, and when the other patrons leave, they have some fun on the bar…
Dominique’s used to putting other people’s needs before her own. So when she throws a rooftop party, she has trouble really letting go and letting loose. But when she connects with Tessa, a mysterious mutual with a bit of an intense side, everything falls into place, and soon they’re the only ones left on the roof…
Now that it’s just you and her, Abby is ready for you to know everything. She pulls you in close and tells you about her wildest secret: the night she hooked up with her boss. Neither knew it at the time, but their chemistry was electric, and then she saw in her in the office...
When Alex is out at a local queer bar with friends, she runs into Isa. She’s initially surprised, but the coincidence sets off sparks, and they sneak away to the bathroom for a minute alone…
Kit and Anna play wing woman for each other at the bar but quickly realize they're more turned on watching each other than by any of their prospects. When they step outside for some air, Kit pulls Anna into an alley and...
When Isa and Alex attend a work gala, they have to keep it professional. But when they sneak away from the action, all bets are off.
Lev and Cecelia have gotten comfortable. Maybe a little too comfortable. Will an outside threat pull them apart or bring them even closer? Caught in a storm together, Lev is waiting to find out...
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14 min
I'd met Alicia a few times way back when and even opened for her once before her band got signed, but it's not like we were close. So when she asked me to sing harmonies on her new track I was surprised and a little taken aback...until we started singing together.
Alex stays late at the office, but this time it's not about the case. She tries to flirt with Isa, who quickly takes control of the situation. Isa instructs Alex to lock the door and close the blinds, ready to show her exactly how it's done.
The party Lorenza takes Bri to is like nothing she's ever seen before, and Lorenza is like no one she's ever been with. Later, in Lorenza's bed, Bri makes a call that neither of them saw coming...
It'd been a minute since our last proper date night, so I surprised Sevyn with reservations. After dinner, she got that look in her eye that told me this wasn't the only surprise of the night...
Isa is ready to see just how much Alex can handle. While Alex is still tied up, Isa pulls out a paddle and is ready to push the limits. Will Alex finally say "mercy?"
Alex knows that keeping her relationship with Isa a secret is of the utmost importance. But when they attend a work retreat together at a fancy beach house, it’s even more difficult than usual to stay apart…
The critiques Lev's been getting from Cecelia feel charged, and when Lev returns to the studio after class, she learns why. Unable to resist, she returns early the next morning and what she finds stops her in her tracks.
Isa invites Alex over to her place to play a little game, and there are only two rules. First, Alex can't move. And second, it's not over until she says "mercy."
The woman laces her fingers through Anaya's as they squeeze through the crowded bar together. Anaya knows her boyfriend Cy is watching, and she likes the feeling.
After a round of Valentine’s drinks, Andi and Mac crash at a friend's apartment. But as they get ready for bed, they find it hard to keep quiet.
After their first hookup, Adrianne isn't sure if she should reach out to Zoe. But then there's a knock on her apartment door...
Rumors are floating around about Isa, the new senior partner at the firm. Alex doesn't buy them. But, after working late one night, Alex gets a call from Isa, who surprises her in more ways than one. It looks like sometimes, the rumors are true...
Zoe and Adrianne go to a cabin weekend with their old friends from high school. Although Adrian asks that they keep their new relationship under wraps for now, she can’t resist Zoe’s magnetism, and sneaks into her room after everyone’s asleep.
Lucy can’t stop thinking about Rachel, so she calls her to fix a new problem at the house. But when Rachel arrives, they both sense that Lucy wants more than a drywall repair.
With each Spring, brings the return of the hunting season... and Charlotte is eager to return to the woods, but her father forbids her. When Willa catches news of this, she decides to go in Willa's place, but is injured while out on the hunt. And once back at the estate, the tending over her wounds turns very tender...
It’s been six long days since Charlotte and Willa first shared a bed, but neither has heard from the other. And in the absence of communication, agitation brews. Unwilling to wait, Willa shows up at the Everly Estate and confronts Charlotte…
Zoe and Adrianne are both invited to a picnic in the park. They’re still keeping their relationship on the down-low from friends, but it’s hard for them to keep their hands off each other. So they take a risk and sneak away to their old favorite spot in the woods before anyone notices.
After hooking up for the first time, Irene and Caitlin agree to keep things platonic. But when they go to a reading at a local bookstore together, it’s clear that staying just friends will be much more difficult than they thought.
Irene and Caitlin are camping in the Irish countryside with friends... and trying to keep their affair under wraps. But when the pressure intensifies, they sneak away to the woods for a moment alone.
When I first met Jazmin, I wasn’t even out yet. So seeing her now, two years later, felt like meeting for the first time. I’d started transitioning. Changed my name, my whole look. But right away there was an understanding between us. That same magnetism pulling me right back in.
Quentin invites Nadia to the VIP section of a music festival. But nothing is as it seems when the two slip from the crowds and backstage to the headliner's dressing room...
I decided while I was getting ready tonight to go all in. I'm trying to check off every deadly sin, but I know I need a little help with lust.
There was a note scribbled on the back of the check: “Best chat all night. Come back soon.” I wanted to write something flirty back but decided to do something a little bolder.
I'm home for the holidays, sitting at our favorite bar, scrolling through my best friend's phone. God, he's terrible at Tinder, no wonder she stopped responding. Maybe I’ll just re-engage with her and see what happens.
She is dizzyingly, infuriatingly sexy. I haven't played an arcade game in years, but she hops right into a plastic race car and pats the seat beside her. Well, off to the races.
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12 min
It makes me nervous that I know so much about her, like I’d have to keep track of what I revealed if we got stuck in a conversation. And then, suddenly, it's just us two.
My relationship with Lena started as a one time thing. We met at a conference where we both spoke on the same panel. I'm used to being the one leading the conversation, making the points, winning arguments. But she challenged me. And I liked it.
I was nervous to email Freya for a favor. She was my writing teacher and a big deal in the poetry world. My heart raced as I read her reply: “Let’s skip the back and forth. How’s Saturday at 3?”
My living room is a tangle of people talking and dancing. I catch glimpses of her long brown hair, hear her full-throated laugh through the roar of voices and music. There are dozens of people at this party, but I’m fixed on her.
We both love Lana, but we're also the only two people not getting totally lit at this bachelorette. What should I even say to her? "Hi, I feel like I know you already, because I insta-stalk you all the time."
I decided I would be brave, reckless. When I asked her to take a walk with me down the beach, her answer was simple. "Sim, claro."
Watching Willow flirt with strangers was such a turn on for me that we made it into a little game. She’d talk to people at parties and I’d look on, slowly stirring my drink. But that night at the bar, she took our game a step further...
Shh. I know your mom is chill, but she’s right upstairs. We’re gonna have to be really quiet if we don’t wanna get caught.
Area code 412...where is that? This entire club is filled with queer exes and ex’s exes. It's gotta be someone you know. Maybe you should play along...and text them something flirty back.
Hey babe, it’s me again. I wish we were together right now. If I was there, I’d pull you close and kiss you slowly…
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