More Like Jay + You: Under the Redwoods

You're in the park under the stars with Jordan from "On the Market." They've been dreaming about bringing you here, and now that they have you, they're going to make you feel oh so good.
You're in bed with Jordan from "On the Market," and they're ready to make you beg for it. Lay on your stomach and close your eyes because they're in control.
You’re on a walk with Patrick from “Poetic License” when it starts raining. As you take shelter under the trees, he shows you how much he desires you.
You’re blindfolded with Jake from “Act Natural.” He’s leading you to a secluded location in the desert, and he promises that once you arrive, he’s going to worship every inch of you.
Gerard from “Open Concept” drives you out to his favorite lookout to watch the sunset in his pickup truck. The sky is changing colors, but he can’t take his eyes off of you.
Gerard from “Open Concept” takes you camping with friends. And when everyone finally falls asleep, he finds lots of ways to keep you warm inside his sleeping bag.
Gerard from “Open Concept” is busy chopping wood for the winter when he notices you checking him out. He asks you to come closer and what started as a flirty conversation turns into wild sex in nature.
The moon is full and Nicholas from "Night School" has set up a romantic ceremony under the stars.
You’re feeling down, and your boyfriend notices. He knows just how to cheer you up and won’t quit till you’re feeling better.
You had an important meeting today and your boyfriend wants to celebrate, so he plans the perfect date night and takes care of all the details.
He's missing you so much while he's camping this weekend. It’s finally time to go to sleep, and he touches himself thinking about what he’d do if you were with him.
You and your girlfriend get ready to go to a big event.
You're snuggled up with Patrick from “Poetic License.” Your pleasure is his only priority, and he can't wait to make you feel oh so good.
After your high school reunion, Cole from “Most Likely” joins you back in your hotel room and you get to know each other in a whole new way.
You and your boyfriend are laying on a blanket under the stars. He tells you how much he likes you before making love to you. [In Nature] [Romantic] [Penetration] [Body Appreciation] [Speaker Orgasm] [Listener Orgasm] [Words of Affirmation]
Let Mark from "Hot Vinyasa" whisper his fantasy in your ear. He's been thinking about the night you spent in his studio and can't wait to relive it, moment by moment.
When you get stuck in a rainstorm, Killian from “The Local” takes you in and warms you up by the fire. The tender moment turns into a hookup, but you have to be super quiet because he has friends staying upstairs.
Killian from "The Local" invites you over during a storm. And when the power goes out he lights some candles and cozies up real close...
You’re in a dark movie theater with Jack from “Hometown,” and he can’t resist touching you before the film starts…
Ambling through the park on a sunny day, Quentin from “Truth or Dare” can’t keep his hands off you. He finds a secluded spot to get more intimate, but you’ll have to be very quiet so you don’t get caught.
Oliver from "Last Night" pulls you into his limo, ready to whisk you away to the countryside. On the drive, he can't keep his hands off you, but you have to try and keep it down, so the driver doesn't hear...
You’re cooling off in the ocean with Juliette from “The Ticket.” She pulls you out into the waves and you hook up dangerously close to shore.
You and your boyfriend return home from a night out. He jokingly confronts you about flirting with someone else and gets playfully possessive.
Ewan from "Courted" sneaks through the window into your bedroom. You've just escaped a stuffy party, and he can't wait to get you out of your elaborate outfit.
Charlotte from “Close Companions” pulls you away from the ballroom and into the kitchen pantry. You share a heated moment before stealing back to the party as if it never happened.
In this extra spicy chapter of "Wings of Winter", indulge in an immersive experience... The fae prince, Rowan, from “Wings of Winter” finds you after battle in the healing tent. He’s angry that you’ve been hurt, but overwhelmed with relief that you’re going to be ok. Overcome with passion, he takes you right there, but he makes you promise to be very very quiet.
A fae warrior gives you a private archery lesson, but you have a hard time paying attention.
A fae breaks into the prison where you’re being held captive by an enemy fae. She guides you through the magical forces meant to keep you prisoner, then urges you to take up arms with her.
Your girlfriend has this one move she does that drives you absolutely wild—and she knows it. Let her remind you just how much you love it.
You just finished having sex with your boyfriend and now it’s time for aftercare. He gets you some water and then lovingly cuddles you. [Boyfriend Experience] [Aftercare] [Loving] [Cuddly] [No Sex]
Your boyfriend wakes up from a dream he was having about you and wants to tell you all about it.
You just finished having sex with your girlfriend and now it’s time for aftercare. She gets you some water and a snack and lovingly cuddles you.
It’s a hot summer night and the whole town is enjoying a barn party. Except Jesse from “Lone Wolf” isn’t interested in hanging around…he’d much rather steal you away.
Your boyfriend heard about this move called “the knee thing” that’s supposed to drive you wild when you’re making out, and he wants to give it a try.
Jesse from "Lone Wolf" invites you down to the river for a picnic. It's the hottest day of the year, and you both desperately need to cool off.
A fae warrior gives you a private archery lesson.
A fae finds you in the forest and notices that you’re hurt. He heals your wounds and promises to protect you on the rest of your journey.
You're in the elevator with Dave from "On the Apps." He's working late, but he couldn't resist calling you, you were so close. He can't wait to get back to his office either...
Your boyfriend is obsessed with your body. So he takes his time with you, worshiping you with his touch.
You just finished having sex with your boyfriend and now it’s time for aftercare. He gets you some water and a snack and you lovingly cuddle.
You just finished having sex with your boyfriend and now it’s time for aftercare. He gets you some water and lovingly cuddles you.
Your girlfriend likes to do “the knee thing” when you’re making out because she knows it drives you wild.
Your girlfriend loves teasing you, and she knows exactly how to bring you right to the edge… again and again and again.
Zander from "My Partner's Partner" is late getting home, but he has a good reason. He was hooking up with someone in the sauna at the climbing gym, and now he's gonna tell you all about it.
Your boyfriend wants to use a vibrator on you during sex…
Your boyfriend isn’t afraid of using toys during sex. All he cares about is you and your pleasure.
You’re strolling in the forest with Killian from “The Local” when it starts to rain. Back at the car, Killian can’t find his keys, so he finds a way to keep you warm until the storm ends.
Jack from “Hometown” sneaks into your tent on a camping trip. He can’t sleep. All he can think about is what he wants to do to your body. He’s ready to give you a night you’ll never forget.
You run into Caitlin from “Familiar Face” at a cozy bar in Dublin. And as the night gets late, and tensions run high, the truth of her feelings for you finally come to the surface.
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